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House of Clemente (1701 ~)

Formed by Phillipe V Clemente and Samantha Sunsmythe following the success of Phillipe's rebellion against King Spartan Petalbee, the House of Clemente is undoubtedly the largest and most influential of all houses within the POTCO realm, with members everywhere from the dunes of Arabia to the ice cold tundras of Sweden and Russia. In 1709, Phillipe attempted to combine the House of Antoinette with the House of Clemente through a marriage with Grace Goldtimbers, daughter of Johnny Goldtimbers. This was a major success for the House of Clemente as together Grace and Phillipe had a total of 13 children, including Ferdinand Clemente, Robert Shipstealer, Hannah Bluefeather, and John Macbatten. In the 1730's, the House of Clemente split many different ways following rebellions in Sweden, Russia, France, Austria, and even parts of Spain. However, with the success of The Paradoxian War in 1739 ~ 1745, the world was reassured that the House of Clemente was in fact still the most powerful house on Earth. Some notably famous members of the House of Clemente include Phillipe V Clemente/Pearson Wright, Hippie/Augustine Clemente, Samuel Creststeel, Carlos La Verde Sanita, Cadet/Ferdinand Clemente, Isabella V Clemente, Hawkeye/Hannibal Clemente, Robert Shipstealer, Hannah Bluefeather, James Warhawk, and John Macbatten.

A knight s dsdstemplar symbol by rory the lion-d4ihq4b.png
A knight s dssdstemplar symbol by rory the lion-d4ihq4b.png

Patron: King Phillipe V Clemente

Ethnicity(s): Spanish, French

Enemies: House of Antoinette (partially), EITC, Great Britain, Barbary Republic

Slogan: For God, gold, and glory!

Vassals: House of Ignacio, House of Wildhayes, House of Goldhawk, House of Raidhawk

Manpower: 2,300,000 at peak

Main Guild(s): The Paradox, Caribbean Rangers, Casa Di Royale, The Delta Empire, Imperio De Espana

Notable Symbols: Bloody Templar Cross, Eagle, Spanish flag

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