Mission Statement—We are the primary Colonial EITC Guild. This means we are funded by England and loyal to the United States. We also hold the honour of being the primary Marine Corps guild in the Caribbean. We were called 'Imperial Force' but have since become the Third Battalion, 4th Marines part of the 3rd Marine Division. Our primary role is to locate and destroy the enemy.

Nickname: Fighting Third

Motto: Fidelity, Valor, Honor.

Guild Roster—Private First Class Doyle Wayne Overton (John in game)

Uniforms—Basic access—Charie Service uniform—Hat- N/A

Shirt-Dark Yellow Linen Short Sleeve

Pants- Dark Green Linen Highwaters

Shoes- Worn in boots

Belt- Box belt

Bravo Service Uniform—Hat- N/A

Shirt-Dark Yellow Linen Short Sleeve

Pants- Dark Blue Linen Highwaters

Shoes- Worn in boots

Box Belt

Unlimited Access—Same but adding Money Jacket to Charlie Service.

Private First Class Overton (John) will be recruiting on Tortuga after guild is created.

Gallery—Our Insignia Name and Motto            

Shoulder Insignia

Presidential Unit Citation. (Awarded for Heroism of the unit in an Expedition to Vietnam, the Division flag has a Silver Star to represent 5 awards)

PFC Overton's Medal Rack (His ribbon rack includes a Navy PUC as shown in the previous photo)

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