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In Too Deep was published by McKagan Productions
In Too Deep
In Too Deep PotCO Story -1 cover 1
Author Nults McKagan
Illustrator Nults McKagan
Publication date 13 October 2012
Published by McKagan Productions
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Author's Note

After reviewing the contents of the story, i'm aware that some of the roleplay titles distributed between characters are inaccurate with the actual titles of roleplay. For example, i'm aware that Albert Spark isn't, or ever was, The King of Spain; I'm well aware that the true holder of that title falls within the jurisdiction of Casa De Royale (I believe that's the name of their guild). I'm also aware that Davy Gunfish is no longer the Emperor of Japan (I would know; I serve under the current emperor). These titles were distributed as a convenience factor; in other words, I was too lazy to ask the true holders, didn't know who they were (and/or vise versa), or thought they wouldn't accept. Therefore, some of the roleplay titles distributed in this play are inaccurate, so don't get angry or concerned over it.

Background Information



Richard Cannonwalker: A pirate in his mid-late 30s, captain of The War Frigate, The Black Warrior, and a former navigator of cargo ships for the East India Trading Company. Richard is the holder of the Lost Sword of El Patron. Richard has a very trustworthy nature, allowing him to talk his way out of sticky situations.

Davy Gunfish: The King of Japan (which spreads all across Asia, save India and Russia), and Captain of The Renegade Mercenary. He is considered to be mentally unstable and demented, always mentioning of the joy he experiences from seeing his enemies’ flying body parts on the battlefield.

Jarod Pillagebane: A Pirate King, the Monarch of United Provinces, and the Captain of the Dutch-Made War Frigate, The Batavia. He is a very experienced pirate and a helpful hand to have on the deck of a ship. He sometimes is the center of jokes concerning his size, being called things like “dwarf,” since he is shorter than most.

Christopher Ironshot: A military leader in the United Provinces (The Dutch Republic). He is often drunk and has humorous characteristics when in such a state. He is friendly, as long as you don’t get on his bad side.

The Dutch Army (Group): A group of trained soldiers that represent the United Provinces (The Dutch Republic) in battles. One of their main commanders is Admiral Christopher Ironshot. Their Commander in Chief is Jarod Pillagebane.

Jim Logan: The Pirate King of the Caspian Sea, and captain of The Nemesis. He and Richard Cannonwalker are good friends, and will help each other whenever help is needed by the other. He is very indifferent to the East India Trading Company, and enjoys fighting them at every turn.


Jack Pistol: A businessman, occasional pirate, Captain of The Black Rogue, and Don in La Mafia. He typically deals with assassinating harder-to-get targets, such as royalty, political figures, or people heavily guarded in general.

Richard Goldvane: Sometimes jokingly referred to as “Goldy” or “Goldilocks,” he is the Captain of the Green Runner. He typically has a some-what friendly disposition, but gets angered rather easily.

Jeremiah Garland: A former EITC officer, Captain of The Dark Star, and former holder of various political titles. If he is paid well, he gives good advice.

Parax: A divine being who contributed heavily to the creation of the universe. He has only one weakness, but nobody, except him, knows what it is. He finds Christopher Crane as a suitable “host,” and constantly overtakes his body.


Christopher Crane: Commonly referred to as “Chris Swordbones” or “Hermit,” he is the creator and holder of The Hermit Blade, a blade made by fusing together a Deepwater Broadsword, a Tyrant Blade, and a Barracuda Blade, a Don in La Mafia, and the captain of The Black Demon. He is a holder of an Aztec Coin, which is supposed to make the holder immortal, but can be killed by cursed weapons (due to constant contact with them).

La Mafia (Group): The dominant mafia in The Caribbean. They’ll do anything from arson to murder to torture to ensure the debts owed to them are paid off. Their two main Godfathers are Jack Pistol and The Hermit.

Albert Spark: The King of Spain. He has a very powerful temper. He willingly shoots his own soldiers if they don’t immediately follow his orders, and has done so on a few occasions.

The Spanish Army (Group): An army of highly-trained soldiers assembled sometime in the 1400s to protect Spain. The Captain General, AKA Commander in Chief is Albert Spark.

Richard Venables: The 37-year old Lieutenant General of The EITC Black Guard, and a highly-trained and experienced fighter. Beckett appointed Venables as a suitable general for The Black Guard, noting that he had other things to deal with. Venables is very devout to his army, and will do anything necessary to secure victory for his army.

The Black Guard (Group): A group of highly-trained assassins employed by the East India Trading Company. Their main purpose is to kill targets given to them by the superiors of the East India Trading Company. Their current Lieutenant General is Richard Venables.


The Black Warrior: A War Frigate painted entirely black, manned by a crew of 15 people. She has 15 guns on each side of her. Her captain is Richard Cannonwalker.

The Green Runner: A Warship painted Green, manned by a crew of 25 people. She has 23 guns on each side. Though The Runner is considered to be a War Frigate, she has the bow of a War Brig. Her captain is Richard Goldvane.

The Nemesis: A War Galleon manned by a crew of 30 people. She has 20 guns on each side. Her captain is Jim Logan.

The Black Rogue: A War Brig manned by a crew of 30 people. Her crew is unknown, as the authorities haven’t ever caught a glimpse of them. Her captain is Jack Pistol.

The Batavia: A Dutch-Made War Frigate manned by a crew of 30 people (including Christopher Ironshot). She is the main flagship of the United Provinces, being captained by Jarod Pillagebane himself.

The Renegade Mercenary: A War Frigate manned by a crew of 25 people. She is the main flagship of Japan, being captained by Davy Gunfish himself.

The HMS Legend: A Ship of the Line licensed by the East India Trading Company, manned by a massive crew of 55 people. She has 30 guns on each side and is faster than most Ships of the Line, reaching up to 15 knots faster.

The HMS Chispa: Also referred to as The HMS Spark (named after King Albert Spark) is a Spanish Ship of the Line manned by a massive crew of 60 people. She has 35 guns on each side and is built with a sturdy wood capable of taking more damage than normal ship wood. Her captain is King Albert Spark of Spain.

The Dark Star: A War Sloop manned by a crew of 20 men, most being political exiles and former EITC employees. She has 12 guns on each side. She is captained by Jeremiah Garland.

The Black Demon: A War Frigate manned by a crew of 30 men, all of them being goons in La Mafia. She has 17 guns on each side. She is captained by Christopher Crane, AKA, The Hermit.

Act I - Tortugan Affairs

Scene I - The Faithful Bride

It was a sunny, joyous day. Richard Cannonwalker and Jim Logan had just taken out a fleet of East India Trading Company vessels heading out of the Caribbean stock-piled with goods. They both had increased their bank accounts, and decided to celebrate with a few pints of Grog.

Richard: (Sips on Grog) Today was a good day, don’t you think so Jim?

Jim: (Sips on Grog) Today was a good day filled with lots of gold and treasure.

Richard: Any day filled with money is a good day in my book, Jim.

Richard and Jim clink their mugs together and both take a swig of Grog. Just then, a shady group of 5 people enter the tavern. They walk over to where Richard and Jim are sitting. One of them leans his hand against the table and looks at Jim.

Figure #1: Hey kid, you have some unfinished business with the don.

Jim: I already paid Hermit the money I owed him. Now scram.

The figure smacks Jim in the face, obviously angry.

Figure #1: You don’t talk to me like that, boy!

Jim stands up and the two begin to fight. The other four begin to join in the fight against Jim too. Richard pulls out the Lost Sword of El Patron and begins to attack the shady figures. Jim also pulls out his sword and the five men pull out their daggers. The seven men begin fighting with their blades. Richard backs one of them up against a barrel and knocks him backwards into it and shuts the lid. Jim hits one of them in the temple with the hilt of his blade with enough force to brain somebody, knocking them out. The fight ensues for another minute or so before all five of the shady figures are laid out on the ground. Jim has received bruises and a black eye, while Richard has received no damage. The two put their weapons away.

Richard: Jim, are you okay?

Jim: I’m fine. I’m a bit hurt, but I’ll be okay.

Richard: What was that about?

Jim: A while back, I accumulated some debt with The Hermit Mafia here on Tortuga. I recently paid back the debt, but I guess it wasn’t enough.

Richard: Well, perhaps it would be wise to pay it off soon so incidents like this can be avoided.

Jim: Perhaps it would be. I guess with the loot we’ve gotten today, I could do that.

Richard: (Looking out window) Well, the sun’s going down. Perhaps we should get you back to your ship.

Jim: It’d be nice to get a good night’s sleep after all of today’s action.

Scene II - The Tortugan Docks

Richard and Jim arrive at the beaches of Tortuga, only to see that Jim Logan’s ship, The Nemesis, has been stolen. Jim is in complete shock.

Jim: Where the hell is my ship?!

Richard: I’m not quite sure where it is, J---

Jim: I didn’t ask you!

Jim furiously walks over to the Shipwright being attended by O’Malley.

Jim: Where is my ship?!

O’Malley: What’s the name of the ship?

Jim: The Nemesis!

O’Malley looks through his records of ships that have docked on Tortuga in the past few days. He finds something.

O’Malley: Ah, yes. The ship in question was taken by La Mafia and The Hermit himself.

Jim: Well, why didn’t you stop them?!

O’Malley: The Hermit doesn’t die, but I do. It would be suicide trying to stop him from doing whatever he wants.

Jim: So, they just up and took my ship?!

O’Malley: Yes, and they also left a note I didn’t bother reading.

O’Malley reaches into his pocket and pulls out a crumpled up piece of paper. Richard walks over to see the note. Jim then proceeds to un-crumple the note.

Jim: (Reading note) To Jim Logan or whomever else this may concern; The Nemesis war galleon vessel has been taken as ransom until the full 25% interest payment of 150,000 gold, equivalent to 37,500 gold, has been paid in full to The Hermit. In addition, for the release of The Nemesis, Jim Logan will have to pay an extra 20,000 gold along with 1,000 extra for each of the 49 prisoners, which comes to a total of 106,500 gold. Whenever you wish to pay this fee, please visit our headquarters in the Tortugan Commons. With warm regards, your friend, The Hermit.

Jim crumples up the note and throws it into the water out of frustration.

Jim: Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! I don’t have that kind of money!

Richard: We can make this work, don’t worry.

Jim: How? The Hermit took my ship, which had ALL of my money and loot on it, and my crew! I have nothing except the things I have on me!

Richard: Don’t worry Jim, this can be handled. I know a guy who can handle this.

Jim: Are you sure he can help us?

Richard: He knows his way around the world, Jim.

Scene III - Garland's Shack

Jeremiah Garland is sitting in his home smoking a cigarette. He hears a knock on the door.

Jeremiah: Who’s there?

Richard: (From outside) It’s Richard.

Jeremiah: Come inside.

Richard and Jim enter Jeremiah Garland’s home and take a seat in chairs next to where he’s sitting. Jeremiah puts out his cigarette and looks up at the two.

Jeremiah: …Yes?

Richard: It’s nice to see you, Jerry.

Jeremiah: It’s nice to see you, Rich. What’s your business here?

Richard: Well, my good friend Jim here has been having financial troubles with Hermit and his mafia.

Jeremiah: What kind of financial problems?

Jim: Financial problems where interest on a loan turns from 37,500 gold to 106,500 gold and a stolen ship.

Jeremiah: That’s tough, but solvable.

Jim: How could it be solved?

Jeremiah: Well, I’ve been on the inside of the system before, and I’ve also associated with The Hermit myself. In the archives of Fort Dundee, there’s a file on him about two inches thick. Among his history, associations, and crimes, there’s also his weakness in there.

Jim Logan: And what might that be?

Jeremiah: Cursed weapons are his weakness. Although his Aztec Coin originally granted him immortality, excessive contact with cursed weapons has caused Hermit to become vulnerable to them. Other weapons can hurt him, but only cursed weapons can kill him.

Richard: Thanks for the advice, Jerry.

Jeremiah: Any time you have something good to pay me with, I’ll have something good to give you in return.

Richard sets a few playing cards and a few gold coins on the table in front of Jeremiah. Jeremiah slips the card into his sleeve and watches as Richard and Jim exit his home.

Jeremiah: Now, it’s time to watch Hermit die…

Scene IV - Hermit's Office

Richard and Jim travel towards the center of the island, where Hermit’s mafia headquarters is located. When they reach there, fighting can be heard coming from inside. Richard knocks on the door.

Richard: Hello?

Nobody replies to the knock. The fighting noises continue.

Richard: Can we come in?

Just then, the door is kicked open, knocking Richard and Jim off of their feet. Albert Spark, the King of Spain, and a few of his men come tumbling to the outside, then running away. A few of the members of Hermit’s Mafia run out the door after Spark and his men. Hermit is inside, sitting at his desk.

Hermit: Come in, gentlemen.

Jim: Alright.

Richard and Jim enter Hermit’s office. The walls in the office are dark red, along with the giant rug spanning most of the floor. Hermit’s desk is clear, except for a single pistol. There are two seats in front of Hermit’s desk.

Hermit: Take a seat, gents.

Richard and Jim both take a seat. Hermit picks up his pistol and aims it in their direction.

Hermit: Now, before we begin talking, I suggest you leave any plans of attempting to fight me at the door… unless that is you plan for a talk with the Hermit to be the last talk you have with anybody.

Hermit sets the pistol back down on the desk, grinning, and sits back in his chair.

Jim: Well, we’re here about a debt I supposedly owe you.

Hermit gives a smug look of satisfaction.

Hermit: Ah yes, Pirate Lord Jim Logan, captain of The Nemesis… what can I do you for?

Jim: I’d like to reclaim my ship and my crew.

Hermit: Do you have the full payment of 106,500 gold?

Jim quickly glances over at Richard, as Richard slightly nods his head. They turn their heads back to Hermit.

Jim: …I do.

Hermit gives a slightly suspicious look towards Jim.

Hermit: Alright, let’s see it.

Jim reaches into his pocket, supposedly going for the money, but quickly pulls out a pistol of his. Hermit just as quickly grabs his pistol and points it at Jim. Richard pulls out hisLost Sword of El Patron.

Richard: Well… this incident has escalated quickly…

Hermit: Yes… yes it has.

Jim: Alright… how are we going to resolve this?

Hermit looks at Jim with a blank expression, and then quickly pistol-whips Jim hard enough to knock him out. Hermit then quickly turns to Richard and points his pistol at Richard.

Hermit: That’s how we’re going to resolve this…

As Richard is contemplating how to attack Hermit, Hermit shoots the hilt of his blade, knocking the blade out of his hand and across the floor to the other side of the room.

Hermit: Now, I’m curious…

Richard: …What?

Hermit: Do you feel lucky, punk?

Hermit then quickly pistol-whips Richard and knocks him out as well. Hermit tucks his pistol inside his coat and drags the two unconscious men to the next room over.

Scene V - Hermit's Backroom

Richard and Jim wake up a couple of hours later in a daze, tied to chairs in the middle of the room. Hermit is standing in front of them, smoking a cigarette.

Hermit: If you just paid back the debt, none of this would’ve had to happen.

Jim has a gag over his mouth as he screams and attempts to make enough noise to attract outside help. Richard, however, isn’t in a gag.

Richard: Why are we here?

Hermit: What do you mean? You got knocked out, so I tied you up.

Richard: No, I mean… why aren’t we dead?

Hermit: Why would I kill you?

Richard: Because everybody else who’s ever come here to pay a debt has never seen the light of day again.

Hermit: Well, that’s because they were all useless hogwash. However, you two have the capability to serve some purpose to me.

Richard: What kind of purpose?

Hermit snaps his fingers, and two of his goons set a table in front of the tied up Richard and Jim. Hermit snaps his fingers again, and another goon brings out a large folder about half an inch thick. Hermit sets the folder in front of Richard and has Richard untied.

Hermit: Look through the folder.

Richard: Why?

Hermit pulls out The Hermit Blade.

Hermit: Don’t question me, just look through the folder.

Richard opens the folder and begins searching through the content. He sees many documents and pictures concerning Albert Spark and the Spanish Army. Richard looks up at Hermit.

Richard: What is this about?

Hermit: Albert Spark owes me money… lots of money.

Richard: Why?

Hermit: Spain and England were at war not very long ago, and Spanish funding for the war was running thin. Albert came to a few Caribbean-based mafias, including ours, to borrow funds. In exchange for giving you The Nemesis back, I want you to bring me the severed head of Albert Spark on a platter.

Richard: Isn’t that a bit extreme? Couldn’t you just up the interest a bit instead?

Hermit pulls out The Hermit Blade again.

Hermit: What did I say about questioning me?

Richard: Not to do it…

Hermit: Correct. Now, the Dutch are willing to help... along with a few other acquaintances.

Richard: The United Provinces are helping?

Hermit: Yes. They aren’t in very good standing with Spain as it is and are perhaps considering going to war with Spain. You need to go to the Kraken’s Cabaret, the new joint near the shore, and talk with a group of people.

Richard: Who?

Hermit: Christopher Ironshot, Admiral of the Dutch Army, Jarod Pillagebane, Monarch of the United Provinces, Richard Goldvane, Captain of the Green Runner, and Davy Gunfish, Emperor of Japan.

Richard: Alright, fine…

Hermit: And be sure to enjoy the show; it’s not cheap.

Hermit takes the gag off of Jim and sends the two outside and on their way.

Jim: (Heavy breathing) That gag gave me a headache.

Richard: There’s no time to worry about the gag right now, Jim. We have a place to be.

Act II - Spanish Tension

Scene I - The Kraken's Cabaret

The sun is beginning to set. Richard and Jim walk down to the shore and up to a seemingly fancy building with the name “Kraken’s Cabaret” hanging on a sign above. They enter the building, only to be greeted by a doorman.

Doorman: Hello and good day, sirs. Welcome to the Kraken’s Cabaret, where some of the best classy performances in the world are brought to entertain and delight the people of Tortuga.

Richard: We’re here to watch the show with some friends.

Doorman: Sounds delightful. That will be 100 gold pieces per person for entry.

Richard and Jim each take out 100 gold pieces from their pockets and gives them to the doorman hesitantly.

Doorman: (Tucks the gold pieces into a bag beside him) Be sure to have a wonderful evening, fine sirs.

Richard: Thanks, you too.

Richard and Jim walk into the main area of the Kraken’s Cabaret. On the right are a few tables and two booths, and on the left are a few tables and two booths. Down the middle on a stage is a small band playing music. On the right is a table with four people sitting around it.

Jim: (Whispers to Richard) That must be them right there.

Richard: (Whispers to Jim) I figured it would be. Nobody else is really here.

Richard and Jim walk up to the group, who proceed to greet them.

Davy: (Smiles) Greetings, gents.

Jarod: (Waves) Ahoy, mates.

Christopher: (Has hands folded on table) Hey there, guys.

Richard Goldvane: Hey, guys.

Richard Cannonwalker: Ahoy, all.

Jim: Hey guys. Hey, Jarod.

Jarod: Hi, Jim.

The band on-stage stops playing. A man walks up onto the stage.

Man: We’ll have another performance on-stage shortly, but for now, be sure to refill on drinks and get more food; you’re in for a treat tonight.

The man walks off of the stage. Richard and Jim pull up chairs from the empty table beside them and sit down at the table with the other four.

Christopher: I take it that you are the two people Hermit said we’d be seeing here?

Richard Cannonwalker: I guess so.

Jarod: Well, as it seems, everybody’s been having issues with Spain.

Richard Cannonwalker: That’s what Hermit suggested.

Jarod: Spain has been looting and sinking cargo ships exiting Dutch ports, which has been taking a strong toll on our economy.

Davy: Spain has been doing that to ships exiting Japanese harbors as well; it’s as if they WANT to go to war with us.

Jim: Well, our job is to kill Albert Spark; not to fight a war against Spain.

Richard Goldvane: (Silently sips his Rum)

Richard Cannonwalker: Good to know that we’re not alone in this, right Jim?

Jim: Right. Albert has caused enough trouble in these waters.

Jack Pistol walks into the Kraken’s Cabaret. Everybody joyfully greets him. Jack grabs a chair from one of the empty tables and sits down with the rest of the group.

Jack: Sorry I’m late, mates; I had a little… ‘business’ to take care of.

Davy: Business?

Jack: Some ignoramus was attempting to sink the cargo ships my company was exporting from Port Royal, so we shot snakes out of a cannon at his ship, having his entire crew abandon him, like a bunch of snitches. Then, we stole his ship.

Davy: Nice.

Jack: Nobody messes with the Pistola and gets away with it. Anyways, I’m sure there was a more intriguing reason as to why we’re all here other than to talk about my impressive victory today.

Jarod: Yeah, Jack; we need to stop Spain from interfering in everybody’s business. Hermit sent these two (gesturing towards Richard Cannonwalker and Jim) to dispose of Albert.

Jack: That’s peculiar; he usually sends me to do stuff like that.

Richard Cannonwalker: (glancing over at Jim) Well, we’re doing this to pay off a certain someone’s debt with the Hermit.

Jack: That’s also a bit strange; the Hermit usually disposes of people who have debts to him they won’t pay.

Richard Cannonwalker: Well, he said we have more of a purpose than that. Perhaps he thinks we can handle this job.

Jack: Or perhaps he wanted you to earn him a meal before you die.

Jarod, Davy, Richard Goldvane, and Christopher chuckle at Jack’s comment.

Jim: (Sarcastic) Hahaha, how funny. Anyway, on a more serious note; how do we plan to take out Albert Spark?

Davy: Well, unfortunately, Jarod’s ship was heavily damaged in a recent skirmish with the Spanish rats. Balthasar Bollard, the shipwright owner at Padres Del Fuego, has agreed to hold on to the ship in his docking area while it’s being prepared under the condition that Jarod has the repairing done himself.

Richard Cannonwalker: I thought that the shipwrights offered repairing services themselves.

Davy: The economy is tough right now, Richard; everybody’s had to make cutbacks. For the tailors, it’s on special fabrics; for the shipwright owners, it’s repairing services.

Richard Cannonwalker: That’s inconvenient.

Jarod: Aye, but we can get it done; let’s make our way to Padres Del Fuego to repair the ship; we can’t be using a damaged ship against the Spanish, now can we?

Christopher: Well, we can, but it wouldn’t be wise.

Jarod: It was a rhetorical question, Christopher. Wees niet debiele (Do not be stupid).

Christopher: I suppose I should’ve suspected that.

Jarod: Well, you should have, but there’s no time to worry about that; we have a ship to go repair…

Just then, a woman comes on-stage to begin performance.

Jarod: …Right after this performance.

Scene II - The Hinterseas

The Black Warrior, The Nemesis, The Renegade Mercenary, and The Black Rogue set sail from Tortuga. They eventually make their way to The Hinterseas, the area of sea separating Kingshead and Padres Del Fuego. As they attempt to dock, a loud boom is heard from not too far away. A massive Ship of the Line sporting the Spanish flag approaches the group.

Richard Cannonwalker: Oh damn…

Jim: Not good.

Richard Goldvane: This can’t be good…

Jarod: Prepare yourselves, everybody!

Christopher: This isn’t good, Jarod…

Davy: Oh crap!

Jack: Mother of god…

The captains command their crew to get a hold of a cannon and shoot at the ship. All of the crewmates aboard begin to shoot at the massive Ship of the Line. In response, the Ship of the Line turns her side towards the ships.

Richard Cannonwalker: What could she possibly be doing…?

Her crew mans the cannons and begins to shoot larger cannonballs at the captains. In addition, a large catapult is brought out. The catapult is loaded with a big pile of large rocks. The catapult is flung and the rocks go in every which direction, attempting to hit the ships. Crewmates aboard each ship go below deck to get chain shots to shoot at the masts of the Spanish flagship.

Richard Goldvane: We can’t die here, men. Not this way, and certainly not this time.

Richard Cannonwalker: These dirty rats don’t stand a chance against The Black Warrior!

Jack: These fools won’t be defeating us tonight.

Davy: Get their masts!

Jim: Don’t let them hit us!

The ships commence shooting chain shots at the mast of the Spanish warship. After a while, the first of three masts begin the fall.

Spanish crew member: Abandon ship! Aaaah!

The mast falls into the other masts, creating a domino effect which ends up crushing many of the crewmates aboard the Spanish ship. A few jump overboard, attempting to escape the ship. A few crewmates are still aboard the Spanish ship, barely shooting a fraction of the amount of firepower previously shot at the enemy ships. The ships begin to circle the Spanish flagship.

Spanish Captain: This doesn’t look too great, men…

The Spanish Captain and the remaining amount of his crew abandon their ship as the other ships blast it rapidly with cannonballs. After half a minute of blasting or so, the ship’s hull is breached. The ship begins to flood, and eventually sinks. Everybody celebrates victoriously. After a while of victorious celebrating, the ships dock at Padres Del Fuego. The ships’ crews prepare for sleep, as it is sometime in the early morning at this point.

Scene III - Los Padres Docks

After a good night’s sleep on their ships docked at Padres Del Fuego, everybody wakes up and prepares to work for the day. Everybody (including the crew members aboard the ships) gets up and split up across the island to attend to their personal business. Jarod and Christopher have a small amount of supplies, and begin to fix their ship with it. Richard Cannonwalker approaches Richard Goldvane.

Richard Cannonwalker: Hey, Goldy.

Richard Goldvane: (Pulls out a bottle of rum) Hi.

Richard Cannonwalker: Isn’t it a bit early for rum? We all just woke up.

Richard Goldvane: (Sips Rum) It’s never too early to get drunk.

Richard Cannonwalker: I suppose. Just be careful about it.

Richard Goldvane: Okay. Now, what’s your purpose for coming over here?

Richard Cannonwalker: …Hmm?

Richard Goldvane: You couldn’t have come over here to tell me to cool it on the rum, considering I didn’t begin drinking it until you came over.

Richard Cannonwalker: Well… I’m curious about something.

Richard Goldvane: (Sips Rum) What might that be?

Richard Cannonwalker: Why are you here?

Richard Goldvane: What do you mean?

Richard Cannonwalker: What do you have against the Spanish?

Richard Goldvane: (Sips Rum) That’s a long story.

Richard Cannonwalker: Could you shorten or simplify it somehow?

Goldvane gives Cannonwalker a look of annoyance, but complies with his requests.

Richard Goldvane: As a young lad in my early 20s struggling for money, I was offered a job by Spain here in the Caribbean; to privateer here in the Caribbean under their flag against the French under the condition that I receive a comfy government job and a large salary after 10 years of Privateering. I was still doing piracy during this time, as Privateering wasn’t a full time job. After the ten years was up… (Sips Rum)

Richard Cannonwalker: After the ten years was up… what?

Richard Goldvane: Well, the King of Spain, who was Albert Spark by this time, arranged to meet with me and supposedly discuss the terms of my job.

Richard Cannonwalker: And…?

Richard Goldvane: Well, when I arrived, he and his goons tied me up and held me captive. When I finally managed to escape, there was no time to finish him off since I was being chased by his goons. Since that day, I’ve sworn to kill him.

Richard Cannonwalker: Alright; can’t wait to help you handle this.

Richard Goldvane: (Sips Rum) It’ll be fun. Now, go see Jarod; maybe he needs help.

Richard Cannonwalker walks away from Richard Goldvane to the dock where Jarod, Christopher, and the rest of The Batavia’s crew are hammering boards onto their ship.

Richard: Hi, Jarod and Chris.

Jarod: Ahoy, Richard.

Christopher: Hi, Richard.

Richard: I saw you guys repairing your ship and I was wondering how it was going.

Jarod: The Batavia is damaged badly and probably won’t be done for a few days or so.

Richard: Oh… well, I’m sorry to hear that. Is there anything I can do to help?

Jarod: Well, we’re getting a good start on it, but we’ve realized we don’t have nearly enough supplies to repair it with. We’re running low on boards and nails, but have many more holes to patch up.

Richard: You need boards and nails, eh?

Christopher: I have a Navy soldier uniform in that bag over there (pointing to a bag at the end of the dock) for when I go incognito. You can borrow it and go steal the supplies from Fort Dundee.

Richard: Sounds like a plan. I’ll be back soon with the supplies.

Jarod: Alright, we look forward to it.

As Jarod and Christopher go back to boarding up the breaches in their ship, Richard goes over to the bag. He hides behind a large rock and changes quickly, then going towards Fort Dundee.

Scene IV - Fort Dundee

Richard walks towards Fort Dundee in his Navy Uniform, sporting a musket, the bag his outfit was in, and fake identification. Richard marches over towards the entrance, where he is stopped by an officer.

Navy Officer #1: Identification?

Richard: Oh yes, I have it right here.

Richard pulls out the fake identification.

Navy Officer #1: Hmm, Christopher Ironshot? This seems proper, but I have a few concerns…

The Navy Officer #1 calls over another Navy Officer to take a closer look at the identification. Richard tugs at his collar a bit.

Navy Officer #2: You’re good to go, Mr. Ironshot.

Richard: Thank you. Good day.

Richard walks into the fort and attempts to act conspicuous. As he’s looking around, he’s confronted by another officer.

Navy Officer #3: Cadet, why are you slouching!?

The Navy Officer quickly snatches up Richard’s identification.

Navy Office #3: Where’d you get this fake ID?!

The surrounding navy cadets hear the officer and come over. Richard tugs on his collar.

Richard: Well, I---

Navy Officer #3: CADETS, ATTACK HIM!

The navy cadets begin attempting to stab Richard with their bayonets as he runs up the stairs to the left of the entrance. As navy cadets run up the stairs after him, Richard rolls barrels down the stairs, tripping them many times. Richard grabs a conveniently-placed grenade that Chris had placed in the suit and rolls it down the stairs in one of the barrels. The barrels lands on the bunch of navy cadets in a pile on the ground and explodes, sending most of them into the air.

Richard: Well, I guess everything has gone as expected.

Richard quickly begins to steal the wood and nails from the fort as it rains body parts. As Richard is stuffing the supplies into the bag his uniform came in, a man puts a sword to the back of his head from behind.

???: Make any sudden movements, and your head comes off. Now, put your hands where I can see them.

Richard quickly turns around and attempts to grab the sword. The man hits Richard in the gut with the hilt of the sword and quickly tries tying his hands together. Richard breaks free and punches the man in the face and quickly grabs The Lost Sword of El Patron. The two begin to duel.

Richard: You won’t defeat mighty captain Richard Cannonwalker!

??? : The captain of The Black Warrior? I’ll be getting lots of money off of your capture, then.

Richard: No you won’t, my good sir…

The two continue dueling. Richard backs the man up to an open barrel hoping to kick him into it. The man notices the barrel behind him as him and Richard battle and quickly rolls the barrel at Richard, tripping him. Richard’s sword slides across the ground.

Richard: Damn it, not this!

Richard quickly runs towards the sword and picks it up, only for the man to kick it out of his hand. The man quickly ties Richard’s arms behind his back. Richard, not knowing what to do, stops resisting.

Richard: Well, it looks like I’ve finally been captured.

???: I guess so.

Richard: I had a good run these past few years.

???: You were also a pirate.

Richard: Hahaha, very funny. So, can I at least know the name of the man who’ll have the honors of putting me behind bars?

???: Venables... Lieutenant Richard Venables of the East India Trading Company.

Richard Cannonwalker: Well, it seems as though you’re doing good for yourself there, sir.

Richard Venables: I am. Now, let’s go.

Venables grabs Richard’s arm and takes him to the stairs. As Venables and Richard are going down the stairs, Richard trips Venables and Venables falls down the stairs. Richard quickly runs back to the top. Richard bends backwards and grabs his sword, attempting to quickly cut the ropes loose. After a few seconds, the ropes are cut loose. As Venables gets to his feet, Richard grabs his bag of stuff and runs. Richard runs to the edge of the fort above the entrance. He looks at the sunset to his right, and then hesitantly, Richard jumps the long drop to the ground, hurting his ankle. Richard limps as fast as he can out of the fort, with Venables high-tailing behind him. After a long time of limping, Richard approaches Jarod, Jim, and the others at the docks. He’s still limping, but holding the bag with the supplies.

Jim: What happened?

They see Venables chasing Richard. Venables sees them, and quickly runs in the other direction. Jim pulls out a pistol and shoots towards Venables, barely missing his head. Venables continues running and eventually is out of sight.

Jim: That’s right! Run, you damn coward!

Christopher: What happened?

Richard takes a seat on a nearby log.

Richard: When I was trying to flee the fort, Venables was on the stairs, so I had to jump off of a height.

Goldvane: Well, that’s unfortunate.

Jack: Are you still going to be okay to sail and fight?

Jim: Jack, why do you only care about his ability to fight?

Jack: Because that’s how I am, Jim. That’s how I am in business, and that’s how I am here.

Richard: I don’t know if I’ll be able to fight too much for a while.

Jim: Okay. Now, go on your ship and let the ankle heal.

Richard limps to the dock and gets on his ship. Richard goes into the captain’s quarters and sits down.

Scene V - Los Padres Commons

The next dawn, Davy Gunfish and Jack Pistol are in town getting food and water for the sailing trips, seeing as how Jarod and Christopher are almost done repairing their ship. As they walk, they see a familiar figure standing in the distance, smoking a cigarette.

Davy: Pistol, do you see him too?

Jack: Is he who I think he is?

They walk closer and see that the figure they recognize is Jeremiah Garland. Jeremiah notices them as he flicks his cigarette to the ground. Garland walks up to them.

Jack: Jerry, long time no see.

Davy: It’s been a while, Garland.

Jeremiah: Hey, guys. What’s new?

Jack: Not much.

Davy: Not much here either. How have things been since your leaving from the Company?

Jeremiah: Well, this isn’t exactly how I’d like to live, but I’m content with it. Also, I heard that the peasants of France are attempting to overthrow the king.

Jack: I heard about that too.

Davy: Sounds interesting. All of those body parts flying in every direction in the midst of the fighting.

Jack and Jeremiah look at Davy with confused, muzzled expressions as Davy grins with satisfaction.

Jack: Well, anyways… uh…

Davy: What kind of relevance does a French uprising have to do with you anyways, Jerry?

Jeremiah: I was considering going to France and helping the peasants with their uprising.

Jack: But why does a peasant uprising in France concern you?

Jeremiah: Because I can relate to the peasants somewhat; I no longer have the prestige of living in homes built for the purpose of housing the leaders of a country. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I have nothing, but it’s not exactly a lot.

Jack: Okay… now what’s the real reason?

Jeremiah: What?

Davy: You only make moves when you can capitalize well on them, Jerry. Did you think that was a secret?

Jeremiah: Alright, well… I was hoping to perhaps become the leader of the peasants in their revolution against King Louis XV and perhaps… become the new king.

Davy: …Genius, Jerry. That’s genius.

Jeremiah: Yeah, I suppose it is. I don’t think it’ll work, but I don’t have much to lose, so why not?

Davy: Right.

Jeremiah: Enough about me; what are you guys up to?

Jack: We’re preparing for a few long ship travels.

Jeremiah: To where?

Davy: We have a king to kill and an army to defeat.

Jeremiah: Ooh, and what army might that be?

Jack: The Spanish Army; Hermit wants Richard and Logan to kill Albert Spark because of an unpaid debt.

Jeremiah: That would be suicide, though. The Spanish Army is one of the best in the world.

Jack: Well, if debts aren’t paid, then bodies are laid.

Davy: With their guts hanging out. Heheh…

Jack and Jeremiah give puzzled looks at Davy again.

Jeremiah: Would you guys maybe need some help?

Davy: Help is appreciated.

Suddenly, Richard Venables walks fast between then, pushing them out of his way.

Richard Venables: Out of my way, peasants!

Jack: Hold on there.

Jack walks up to Venables and blocks him from getting around.

Richard: Move out of the way, imbecile.

Jack: Hey, aren’t you the moron that was chasing Richard back from Fort Dundee?

Jack grabs Venables by the shirt violently and lifts him slightly in the air.

Venables: Let me down, you moron!

Jack: I could kill you right here and right now for trying to make my job harder by killing an acquaintance of mine…

Venable is struggling to get out of Jack’s grasp. Jack holds him there, contemplating what to do. Jack then tosses Venables to the ground.

Jack: You will live today, but if you don’t get out of here in the next 5 seconds, I revoke it.

Jack pulls out his double-barrel pistol and points it at Venables. Venables scrambles to his feet and runs away as fast as he can. Jack shoots at Venables’s feet (intending to miss), and it barely misses his heel. Venables runs faster and is eventually out of sight.

Jack: What a moron…

Jack, Jeremiah and Davy laugh about Venables.

Jack: So Jeremiah, are you going to help us fight Spain?

Jeremiah: Sounds like fun. Just find me whenever you need my help.

Davy: Nice…

Davy and Jack walk off to the town square to go buy supplies for the journey. Jeremiah walks towards the Skull’s Thunder tavern to get a drink. Davy and Jack enter the town square and approach a merchant selling potatoes, vegetables, and fruit. The merchant, polishing his workspace, looks up and stops.

Jack: Good morning, kind sir.

Merchant: Hello, gentlemen.

Davy: We’re looking forward to a long ship travel and were hoping to buy some goods off of you.

Jack steps to the side to smoke a cigar while Davy purchases the food and water from the kind merchant. Jack looks off into the distance and sees Hermit and a couple of his goons coming their way. Jack goes over to greet them.

Jack: It’s good to see you, Hermit.

Hermit: It’s good to see you too, Jack.

Jack: So, what’s new?

Hermit: Not much. I was just collecting a few… “debts,” and I saw you over here and decided to come and drop by.

Jack: Nice to know you watch over your associates, Hermit.

Hermit: Speaking of “watching over my associates,” have you and the others taken care of Spark and his crew?

Jack takes the cigar out of his mouth.

Jack: Not quite yet.

Hermit: What do you mean “not quite yet?” We had a deal, Pistol.

Hermit gets frustrated and quickly pulls out his gun.

Jack: It’ll get handled, just calm down.

Hermit takes a deep breath and puts the gun away.

Hermit: Alright. When do you think it’ll be handled?

Jack: Soon; It’ll be handled soon. Until then, don’t worry about it.

Hermit: …You’re right. I shouldn’t be worried about it.

Hermit and his crew walk away, Hermit taking deep breaths. Davy has all of the supplies everybody’ll need ready.

Davy: Thank you, kind merchant.

Davy leaves the merchant the money for the supplies. Davy and Jack walk back towards the docks. However, a gunshot can be heard from nearby, followed by the scream of a familiar voice. Jack and Davy look to their right and gasp in horror.

Davy: Is… is that?

Jack: …Dear god.

A bloody Jeremiah Garland crawls as fast as he can out of a shack towards the two. Both of Jeremiah’s legs and his left arm are bloody and have bullet wounds. Jeremiah is shooting in the opposite direction.

Davy: Jerry… what happened?!

Suddenly, the door to the shack is kicked off of its hinges. Out come Hermit and his goons. Jeremiah continues shooting towards Hermit and his goons, but to no avail.

Hermit: You need cursed weapons, imbecile.

Jack and Davy quickly reach for their pistols to shoot at Hermit and shoot at him, but the bullets have no effect on Hermit.

Hermit: Are you two deaf? I just said you need cursed weapons.

Hermit looks into the eyes of a shocked and bloody Garland.

Hermit: You will serve as an example, Garland.

Jeremiah: No! What did I do to you, Hermit?!

Hermit puts a bullet through Garland’s head, dropping Garland to the ground.

Davy: No, Jerry!

Jack and Davy kneel down at Jeremiah, terrified at what they just saw. Hermit begins walking away.

Hermit: Kill Spark and his army, or you maggots will be next.

Hermit walks away with no emotion as Jeremiah lay dead on the ground. Jack and Davy take a closer look at him.

Davy: Do… do you think he can still… make it?

Jack glances over at Davy with blatancy

Jack: No, Davy. He got shot in the head; nobody survives that.

Davy and Jack look at their dead friend in sorrow.

Davy: Why, Jack? Why did it have to be Jerry?

Jack: The universe works in mysterious ways, Davy…

Act III - Getting the Hermit

Scene I - Los Padres Docks

Jack and Davy sorrowfully walk back to the docks with the supplies for the trip. Richard notices they’re sad and limps over to them.

Richard: What’s wrong, you guys?

Davy: It’s… Garland.

Everybody stops what they’re doing when they hear “Garland” and looks towards Davy.

Richard: What happened to Jerry?

Jack: He's sleepin' with the fishes.

Everybody gasps.

Goldvane: Why Garland, Jack?

Jack: Hermit was trying to make an example of him, saying we’d meet a similar fate if we didn’t deal with Spark and his army.

Jim: So, should we handle Spark’s army before he kills us?

Christopher: I vote that we handle Hermit first.

The group begins to argue over what to do. Some want to handle Spark’s army first, and others want to handle Hermit first. Richard employs everybody to calm down.

Richard: Guys, calm down for a minute!

Everybody stops arguing and looks at Richard.

Richard: Alright, let’s hold a vote guys. Whoever wants to handle Albert Spark and the Spanish armada first, raise your hands and say “aye!”

Jarod, Jim, and Goldvane raise their hands and say “aye!”

Richard: Alright, now everybody who thinks we should handle Hermit first, do the same.

Richard, Jack, Davy, and Christopher raise their hands and say “aye!”

Richard: Alright, then it’s settled; we’ll avenge Garland first.

Goldvane: Hey, wait a minute; what about our crews?

Richard: What about ‘em?

Goldvane: Shouldn’t they get to vote too?

Richard: No.

Goldvane: But why not?

Richard: Did Hermit viciously kill their best friend to make an example?

Goldvane: …Good point.

Richard: Alright, so it’s settled; we track down the Hermit and kill him.

Jack: Sounds like a plan.

Jim: But wait, Hermit can only be killed by cursed weapons. Do we have any cursed weapons?

Everybody nods and pulls out their cursed weapon(s).

Jim: Oh, right. I forgot.

Jim pulls out a cursed sword as well.

Jarod: Is everybody ready?

Everybody nods.

Christopher: But sir, how will we track the Hermit?

Jarod: What do you mean, Christopher?

Christopher: The don of the dominant mafia in these islands wouldn’t be easy to track.

Jarod: Christopher serves a good point. Who here knows how to track the most powerful criminal the Caribbean?

Jack raises his hand.

Jack: Me.

Jarod: …How?

Jack: He makes rounds, Jarod. First is Tortuga, next is Port Royal, then it’s Padres Del Fuego, and then…

Jarod: Hmm?

Jack: Then it’s Raven’s Cove.

Goldvane: Who could he collect debts from on Raven’s Cove?

Jack: He’s never told me why he makes rounds to Raven’s Cove, but I know he does. We can catch him if we go there right now.

Richard: Go! Go! Go!

Everybody piles onto their ships as fast as they can. Their crews raise the sails and prepare for takeoff.

Richard: (Yelling) Hoists the sails! We’re heading for Raven’s Cove, everybody!

Scene II - Bloody Bayou

The large group of ships is slowly approaching Raven’s Cove. They’re in the sea around Raven’s Cove named Bloody Bayou. Hermit’s ship is not too far from theirs. Hermit notices the large group of ships following his ship, The Black Demon.

Hermit: Sailor…

Black Demon Crew Member #1: Yes, captain?

Hermit: (Pointing to large group of ships stalking them) Who are those people, and why are they following us?

Black Demon Crew Member #1: I don’t know, captain.

Hermit: What do you MEAN you don’t know?!

Black Demon Crew Member #1: I---I don’t know who they---

Hermit grabs the crew member by his shirt and tosses him overboard. The crew member, unable to swim, drowns in the water below.

Hermit: I recognize these ships…

Hermit realizes that these ships are the ships of enemies.


The Black Demon turns to the left and opens fire on the big group of ships. They all turn to their right and open fire on The Black Demon as well. As everybody fighting The Black Demon takes minor damage, The Black Demon seems virtually untouched.

Goldvane: Bloody hell…

Jarod: Why won’t they take any damage?

After a few minutes or so of fighting, two massive Ships of the Line approach the group of ships.

Jack: Mother… of… god.

The ships are flying the Spanish and English flags, respectively. The ships all resume fighting, with the Spanish and English flagships joining in. They all shoot cannonballs at each other, most missing. However, the ones that did hit didn’t do much damage. After a long time of the ships not receiving any damage, they all dock at Raven’s Cove.

Scene III – Central Raven’s Cove

The hundreds of people aboard these ships storm the docks of Raven’s Cove.

Richard: This will be fun…

Only the sounds of gunshots, sword clinging, and grunts can be heard. The giant fight spreads to the rest of the island. The sun begins to go down and the clouds ravage the sky. Moans can be heard as red figures begin appearing on the island. Everybody notices the red figures coming towards them, but do nothing. Suddenly, bolts of lightning begin raining down on the giant crowd of fighting people. Screams of pain and agony can be heard from the people hit. The giant group quickly disbands because of the lightning strikes. In a flurry of panic, Richard and Jim find themselves together in an abandoned bar.

Jim: (Heavy breathing) This is crazy.

Richard (Heavy breathing) Yeah…

The two peak their heads outside the broken doors. They see many people attempting to fight off the red figures.

Richard: What in blue hell are those… those things?

Jim: They’re Rage Ghosts; the souls of people who died on the island. They have supernatural powers and are virtually impossible to kill.

Richard: Virtually, meaning possible, but very difficult?

Jim: Right…

Richard strokes his beard for a moment, thinking.

Richard: I think I can live without knowing how to kill one of those things.

Jim: Okay, if you insist. But, uh, how do you insist on us getting out of here?

Richard strokes his beard, thinking once more.

Richard: I… I’m not sure how we’ll escape this.

Jim: Come on, you’ve got to think of something!

Richard looks to his right and sees a rope. As he looks to the ceiling, he sees the rope is attached to a clothesline that extends from the bar to another building guarded by a broken gate on the other side of a large crowd fighting Rage Ghosts.

Richard: I’ve got an idea; grab onto me.

Jim: …What?

Richard: Grab onto me if you wish to live, Jim!

Jim hesitantly grabs onto Richard. Richard grabs the rope and swings him and Jim across to the other side. The two almost get struck by a random lightning bolt brought down by the Rage Ghosts. The two get to the end of the clothesline and drop down in front of the building. Surprisingly, nobody noticed them.

Jim: (Whispering) We’re in the clear now.

Jim and Richard are talking as they open the door in front of them. As they turn towards the inside, they see Hermit sitting at a worn-out desk in a chair missing a leg. He has a gun pointed at the two.

Hermit: So… this is how it all ends…

Hermit stands and gets closer to the two.

Hermit: You couldn’t have just killed Spark and been done with it, could you have?

Jim: You didn’t give us enough time.

Hermit: Oh, I didn’t, did I? What do you think, Richard?

Hermit turns towards Richard, only to be met with the Cannonwalker Pistol pointed in his face.

Richard: I don’t think you gave us enough time, Hermit.

Hermit squints at Richard. Richard squints back. Hermit gets closer to Richard, pointing the gun to the side of Richard’s head.

Richard: Hermit, I think you’ve failed to consider something…

Hermit: Oh, and what might that be?

Richard: The Cannonwalker Pistol… is a cursed weapon.

Hermit looks at Richard with a blatant look of disregard to his pistol. Hermit turns his pistol so it is adjacent to Richard’s ear. Without hesitation, Hermit pulls the trigger and runs out the door. Richard drops his pistol and falls to the ground. He is temporarily deafened.

Richard: (Holding ear) God-damn it, my ear!

Jim helps Richard to his feet. Richard quickly grabs his pistol and runs out the door after Hermit. Ignoring the crowd of dead and dying people fighting Rage Ghosts, Richard and Jim run after Hermit.

Richard: My ankle’s feeling better.

Jim: (Sarcasm) Perfect time to know, Richard!

The two continue to run after Hermit, who they’re barely keeping up with. After a while of running, Hermit eventually begins to scale the rocky cliff leading to the center of the island.

Richard: He’s going up the cliff!

Jim and Richard begins climbing up after him. Hermit is making parts of the wall break, attempting to make Jim and Richard fall. They narrowly avoid the falling rubble, however, and eventually reach the top.

Scene IV - Mine Shaft

Richard and Jim reach the top of the cliff.

Jim: Richard…

Richard: Yes Jim?

Jim: Couldn’t we have just used the mine cart?

Richard: Yes Jim, but this was cooler.

Jim: Not really…

They see Hermit still attempting to flee.

Richard: Anyways, we have to get Hermit.

The two resume chasing Hermit. They come across a rackety wooden bridge that doesn’t look very safe. Hermit, without hesitation, runs across it anyways.

Jim: Should we be doing this, Richard?

Richard: No time to think about it.

Richard runs after Hermit across the bridge. Jim hesitantly runs along after Hermit as well. Eventually, Jim and Richard reach the other side. When they reach the other side, Hermit begins to run towards a cave entrance.

Jim: He’s getting away!

Right before Hermit is able to enter the cave, Richard Venables and a large group of about 40 East India Trading Company henchmen block his path.

Hermit: What are you doing, idiot?

Venables pulls out his pistol and shoots Hermit. Hermit stumbles back a bit, but takes no damage. Hermit pulls the bullet out of his mouth.

Venables: How did you---?

Hermit: If you plan on killing me, ordinary petty weapons like that won’t do. You’ll need cursed weapons, fool.

Hermit unsheathes the Hermit Blade and puts it to Venables’s neck. The goons with him look ready to make a move. Hermit cocks his head towards them.

Hermit: If you plan on attacking me, Venables’s head is mine.

The goons back off, unsure what to do.

Jim: (Whispering to Richard) What do we do?

Richard: (Whispering to Jim) I’m not sure…

Hermit hears them and looks towards them.

Hermit: Hmm… I almost forgot about you two.

Hermit walks over to Richard and Jim and points the Hermit Blade at them.

Hermit: I should’ve done this a while ago…

As Hermit prepares to slice their heads off, one of Venables’s henchmen tackles Hermit off of the edge and both of them fall into the water below. The rest of the henchmen hesitantly jump in after Hermit.

Venables: Mr. Cannonwalker and Mr. Logan…

Venables pulls out a second pistol and points one pistol at each of them.

Venables: Neither of you will see the light of day again.

Richard: What happened to arresting us?

Venables: To quote the Lord Marshall’s orders verbatim; “If either Richard Cannonwalker or Jim Logan are found, kill them on sight. If they’re crippled, bring them to the nearest Company base.”

Richard: Oh, I see. Well, about that…

Richard kicks one of the pistols out of Venables’s hand and sends it flying off of the cliff into the water. Jim then grabs the other one and tosses it into the water as well.

Venables: Well, that’s inconvenient…

Richard: It is, and this’ll be a worse inconvenience.

Richard pulls out the Cannonwalker Pistol and points it at Venables.

Richard: Have any last words to say before your brains are splattered on the ground?

Venables looks at Jim, then Richard, and then runs into El Patron’s Cave. However, Richard quickly tackles Venables before he gets far. Richard grabs Venables and holds him stomach-first on the ground.

Richard: That wasn’t wise of you, Venables.

Venables: Let go of me, you imbecile!

Richard: Well, you know how the old saying goes, right Venables?

Venables: What saying?

Richard: When you play with fire… you get burnt.

Venables struggles to escape, but realizes he isn’t strong enough.

Venables: (Heavy breathing) Alright… what do plan to do with me?

Richard: Well, now that you can’t escape, do you have any actual last words before I blow your brains out?

Venables is silent for a moment, thinking, and then speaks.

Venables: …I served my country, I earned my ranks, I’ve killed my fair share of enemies, and I have absolutely no regrets.

Richard: Will that be all?

Venables: Yes.

Richard puts his pistol to Venables’s head and pulls the trigger.

Jim: Eek, that’s bloodier than I imagined it’d be.

Richard: He lived as pourceau, and he died as pourceau.

Jim: Right…

Scene V - Shores of Raven's Cove

After killing Venables, Richard and Jim go back to the bridge. They look below at the water where everybody first was when they docked. They look at each other.

Richard: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Jim: Probably not; what are you thinking?

Richard: I’m thinking that to avoid attempting to go through hundreds of people fighting each other and Rage Ghosts, we jump.

Jim: Are you insane?! That drop has to be at least 300 feet!

Richard: Well, we either take the chance here, or get struck by lightning and bullets there…

Jim: …I guess.

Richard: Alright, aim for the water.

Richard and Jim jump the enormous drop into the water with a big splash. They take a few seconds longer than a normal person diving to float up, but they do eventually.

Jim: (Heavy breathing) How did we survive that?

Richard: (Heavy breathing) I’m not sure, but there’s no time to think about that; we have people to kill.

Jim: Right…

The two swim to shore and walk towards the inner area of the island. As they walk, Albert Spark and a group of only 10 Spanish soldiers are running towards them. They shove Richard and Jim out of their way and pile on to their Ship of the Line, The HMS Chispa. The ship’s sails are quickly hoisted and the ship takes off.

Jim: I wonder why they were in such a hurry.

Richard facepalms.

Richard: Have you not been paying attention to the scenes that have been playing out on this island?

Jim: …Oh

The two get back on their feet as more people scramble to the shores, knocking them down once more. Everybody is yelling and getting their crewmates onto their boats.

Richard: Why are you all scrambling to get off of this island?

Suddenly, a loud roar is heard. A ghastly, hooded figure, covered from head to toe in some sort of black fabric, floats over to the shore. Richard and Jim are hiding behind some large rocks.

Jim: (Whispering) What is that thing?

Richard: (Whispering) I don’t know.

Richard hesitantly comes out of hiding.

Jim: (Whispering) Are you insane?!

Richard: (Whispering) Probably…

Richard steps out of the rocky area where Jim is hiding. Richard confronts the ghastly figure.

Richard: (Nervous) Hello…

The figure looks into Richard’s eyes.

???: Hello, Richard.

Richard: (Nervous) If I may ask, how do you know my name?

???: I know everything,

Richard: You do?

???: I do.

Richard: Can you prove it?

The ghastly figure pulls out a red crystal sword and puts it to Richard’s neck.

???: You were stolen from your home as a child and forced to work for the East India Trading Company when you became 18.

The ghastly figure slashes Richard in the chest, leaving a large cut on his chest.

Richard: Gah!

???: You betrayed them after years of service by freeing a ship full of tortured prisoners on Tortuga.

The ghastly figure slashes Richard’s chest again, but in the opposite direction this time. Richard grabs his chest in pain.

Richard: Alright, alright! You’ve proven enough.

???: I’m aware. Also, if it’s of any importance, you may refer to me as Parax.

Richard: Alright, Parax.

Parax extends his hand towards Richard, and suddenly, Richard’s wounds are healed.

Richard: How did you do that, Parax?

Parax facepalms.

Parax: I thought it was already apparent that I was divine, but I guess not..

Richard: Oh… I see. In any case, what is your purpose here?

Parax: Just wait… you’ll see.

Parax flies away in the hurry. In the distance, a warping sound is heard. Jim comes out of hiding.

Jim: What could that have been, Richard?

Richard: I’m not sure, Jim. Maybe it was P---

A large crashing sound is heard. Hermit crashes down from the sky into the ground, cracking the ground below him. He has glowing black eyes.

Jim: What the…?

Hermit: None of you will live…

Suddenly, Jarod, Christopher, Goldvane, Jack, and Davy run towards Richard, Jim, and Hermit from towards the center of the island.

Jarod: What’s going on? We heard a noise.

Hermit turns around and looks at Jarod with a twisted grin.

Jarod: Hermit?

Parax: Close guess, but no cigar.

Jarod: Parax…

Parax: Yep.

Jarod: I should’ve known. What are you doing here?

Parax: This…

Hermit pulls out a pistol and shoots Jarod in the head, instantly killing him.

Goldvane: Jarod!

Goldvane pulls out his Barracuda Blade.

Goldvane: Prepare to meet your maker, you rat bastard!

Parax: Right…

As Goldvane runs at Hermit, Hermit sticks his hand towards Goldvane. Suddenly, Goldvane stops and drops to his knees. A dark aura surrounds Goldvane.

Jim: Oh no…

Goldvane then stands up. Everybody looks at him, waiting to see what has become of him. Goldvane slowly turns around. It is shown that Goldvane has black glowing eyes, similar to Hermit’s eyes since he was possessed by Parax.

Jack: This can’t be good…

Parax: Goldvane, attack these imbeciles!

Goldvane dives at them with his Barracuda Blade. Richard quickly pulls out the Lost Sword of El Patron and parries Goldvane’s attack with it. Goldvane backs off and points his blade towards Richard. Richard then points his blade towards Goldvane. The others attempt to help Richard fend off Goldvane, but Hermit’s crew comes to the shores from inland and begins fighting them.

Jim: Crap!

Jim, Davy, Jack, and Christopher begin fighting Hermit’s crew as Richard and Goldvane fight.

Goldvane: You will fall to the Barracuda Blade.

Goldvane attempts to slash Richard, but Richard blocks it with his blade. The two engage in a sword fight.

Richard: I need some help, guys!

Parax: Looks like you don’t have any help, Cannonwalker…

Goldvane swings his blade, but Richard parries the attack and swings right back, with that being parried by Goldvane. The others attempt to help, but Hermit pulls out the Hermit Blade.

Parax: You fools won’t intervene in my work.

Hermit begins swings his blade towards the group, knocking everybody back, except for Jack Pistol.

Jack: So, it comes down to this?

Before Jack can do anything, Parax exits Hermit’s body and floats above them all to watch. Hermit, aware of what’s been going on, pulls out his Hermit Blade.

Hermit: I guess it’s time to kill you, my good friend.

Jack: We’re not friends, you bastard.

Jack pulls out the Spinecrest Sword and the two begin fighting. Jack swings at Hermit’s legs, but Hermit parries the hit. While Jack and Hermit go back and forth, Goldvane and Richard are still fighting. Goldvane swings at Richard and hits his forearm, leaving a large cut on it.

Richard: (To self) Damn it!

Richard then notices cover to his right. Richard kicks Goldvane in the stomach, causing a temporary distraction, and goes to his right. He jumps behind a few large rocks.

Richard: Come get me, you lousy swine!

Goldvane runs over to Richard, but as he swings at Richard, Richard begins swinging at him with two swords; his usual Lost Sword of El Patron and the Nautilus Blade he keeps handy as a bonus.

Goldvane: So, you’re in possession of the Nautilus Blade?

Richard: I sure am.

Goldvane then pulls out the Lost Sword of El Patron from his weapon belt, putting himself up to par with Richard in the quantity of blades.

Richard: You have…?

Goldvane: That’s right; I also have the sword.

Richard: But… but, how?

Goldvane: When Humberto Diaz made these weapons, he made duplicates… in case any of his ever got… stolen.

The two engage in battle once more. Meanwhile, Jack and Hermit are fighting as well. Hermit slashes Jack in the back, leaving a large, bloody cut on it. Jack coughs up some blood. Hermit seems relatively unhurt.

Jack: (Screaming in pain)

Hermit: Just give up, you cretin.

Jack continues to swing his blade at Hermit, barely hurting him. Hermit propels Jack backwards with the sole of his foot, dropping Jack on the ground as well.

Hermit: I no longer have time to be bothered by your trivial pursuits of incompetent fighting…

Hermit pulls a dagger out of his jacket and walks up to Jack, who is getting back on his feet. Hermit grabs Jack by the neck. Jack is gagging.

Hermit: Do you have any last words, my friend?

Jack attempts to squeeze out words through the throat Hermit has a stranglehold on.

Jack: You…. bastard.

Hermit lets go of Jack and slices his throat. As Jack leans forward, falling to his knees, Hermit stabs him in the back with his dagger. Jack falls to the ground with a thump.

Hermit: You could say… I’m a no-good backstabber.

Hermit chuckles as he pulls his dagger out of Jack’s back. Richard and Goldvane are still fighting. They are each wielding one sword in each hand, slicing at each other.

Goldvane: Give up, you pathetic skin bag.

Richard: No, you give up, you clod!

The two continue to exchange slices at each other. Hermit begins to casually stroll to his ship with an evil grin on his face. Richard notices this, and realizes he has to hurry and defeat Goldvane. While Richard’s attention is averted for that second, Goldvane slices his leg, making him fall to one knee. Goldvane holds his swords high above his head, about to bring them down on Richard’s head. Richard sees an opportunity and goes for it; he trips Goldvane, making him fall backwards. Goldvane hits the back of his head on a rock, becoming temporarily knocked out. Whatever Parax used to possess him exits his body. As Richard chases after Hermit, the others continue to fend off Hermit’s Crew.

Scene VI - The Black Demon

Hermit is casually strolling up the ramp to his ship, unaware that Richard is sneaking up behind him. Richard puts his Lost Sword of El Patron away, knowing that since it’s not a cursed weapon, it can’t kill Hermit. Richard is stealthily following Hermit with his Nautilus Blade in attacking position. Unfortunately for Richard, some of Hermit’s crew is still aboard the ship. As Richard puts himself within melee distance of Hermit, his crew members shout out something to Hermit.

Crew member #1: Boss, there’s a guy behind you!

Richard quickly attempts to bring the Nautilus Blade down onto Hermit’s back, but Hermit elbows him in the stomach and runs up the ramp to his ship. Richard quickly runs up after him, punching Hermit’s crew members as he runs after Hermit. Hermits quickly attempts to climb up the wooden ladder up into the crow’s nest but Richard grabs his leg and yanks him down, making him fall off of his feet. Richard attempts to slice him with the Nautilus Blade again, but Hermit’s crewmates begin attacking him. They all grab him and attempt to push him off of the ship. However, Richard ends up throwing a few of them off of the ship.

Crew Member #1: Give up, you idiot! Nobody messes with the don!

Richard: Too late, my friend.

Richard pulls out the Lost Sword again and begins swinging both of the swords at Hermit’s crew. Unfortunately for them, their swords are crude and rusty, easily breaking upon being hit by Richard’s blades. Richard easily decimates at least two thirds of the crew, the rest jumping overboard and fleeing. Richard then hears the sound of running footsteps below deck and goes below deck, suspecting that Hermit has fled below deck. Richard then proceeds to go below deck, hoping to find Hermit. When Richard goes below deck, he sees Hermit across the room, pointing two pistols at Richard.

Hermit: So…

Richard: So…

Hermit: You couldn’t have just killed Albert Spark and been done with it? You had to go through this extra trouble?

Richard: We were going to kill Spark; you just didn’t give us enough time.

Hermit: I gave you plenty of time, you clod. Now that your time to complete the mission is up, so is your time… period.

Hermit pulls both of the triggers, but they don’t fire.

Hermit: What the…

Hermit points the barrels at his face to check what’s wrong, but the two shots fire and hit him. He falls down.

Richard: Are you… are you dead?

Hermit soon gets up, since the guns were not cursed.

Richard: Oh.

Hermit: You’re lucky, kid; those were my last bullets.

Richard points the Lost Sword and the Nautilus Blade at Hermit, who pulls out his Hermit Blade.

Hermit: I guess you aren’t so lucky.

Richard: I guess not.

The two begin to duel. Hermit easily parries all of Richard’s attacks, regardless that he has two blades. Hermit begins to force Richard to back up, taking the fight up the stairs and back on to the deck.

Richard: How could you possibly block all of my attacks?

Hermit: It’s because I’m more skilled than you, smart one…

The fight is taken near the main mast that supports the crow’s nest. Richard blindly swings the Nautilus Blade with all of his might, barely missing Hermit and getting it lodged in the mast.

Richard: Damn it!

Richard attempts to pry the blade free, but his attempts are short-lived when a swing of the Hermit Blade forces him to let go, barely missing him. Richard begins swinging at Hermit with only his Lost Sword.

Hermit: You can’t beat an immortal person, Cannonwalker.

Richard: I can if they have a weakness to cursed weapons, Hermit...

Richard then hits Hermit’s hand with the Lost Sword’s hilt, causing the Hermit Blade to fly out of his hand and slide off-deck, sitting on the land.

Hermit: My blade!

Hermit jumps overboard to grab his blade as Richard pries the Nautilus Blade free from the mast of The Black Demon. As Hermit bends over to grab his blade, Richard puts the Nautilus Blade up to the back of his head. Hermit’s face shows humility and shame.

Hermit: So… you’ve finally gotten me…

Richard: Yes I have.

To ensure Hermit won’t try anything funny, Richard kicks the Hermit Blade across the ground. Hermit then, out of desperation, attempts to grab Richard’s Nautilus Blade. In the process, the Nautilus’s lightning ability accidentally goes off and zaps Hermit. Hermit falls to the ground, badly hurt from the cursed lightning. Jim, Davy, Goldvane, and Christopher look over, finished fighting Hermit’s crew. They watch as Hermit attempts to crawl towards the Hermit Blade.

Richard: Hermit…

Hermit: (In pain) What… the hell… do you… want?

Richard: You’re a strange man; you’ve taken the fact that you’re nearly immortal to do anything you want without regards of how it affects others…

Hermit: …So?

Richard: You’ve killed your best friend and business partner because he couldn’t get a job done for you in time, even though he planned to get it done.

Rain begins to pour heavily, drenching everybody from head to toe. Hermit stops crawling and lies on the ground.

Hermit: I regret this… I never wanted this life; a cursed man living only to cause agony to others. This isn’t what I wanted then, and this isn’t what I want now. Death is a release from this suffering… this agony… this existence. I regret this… I regret… everything.

Hermit lies on the ground as the heavy rain drenches him. Everybody else looks on silently with looks of concern, feeling sympathy for Hermit.

Hermit: This was wrong… I was wrong.

Trivia/Easter Eggs

  • In Act I Scene IV when Hermit held a gun to Richard's head and said "do you feel lucky, punk," that was a reference to a line said by Clint Eastwood in the 1971 movie "Dirty Harry."
  • In Act II Scene I when Jack says "perhaps he wants you to earn him a meal before you die," talking about Hermit's request that Richard and Jim kill Albert Spark, that is a reference to the fact that Hermit is a cannibal.
  • In Act III Scene I when Jack sais "he means Garland is sleepin' with the fishes," talking about Jeremiah Garland's murder, this is a reference to the 1972 movie "The Godfather," when a message is sent to the Corleone family in which a fish is wrapped in Luca Brasi's bulletproof vest. This message meant "Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes."
  • In Act III Scene V when Richard says "aim for the water" to Jim, referring to a long jump into the water from a wooden bridge, that was a reference to the 2010 movie "The Other Guys," when Chris Danson tells P.K. Highsmith to "aim for the bushes" before the two jumped off of a 20-story building (except there were no bushes, but there was water in Richard's case).
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