Inferno's Hideout is hidden under a rock in The island of despel To enter it you must beware the guards. This place has very unique foes.

  • Enemies:
  1. Flare Drainer: lvl 25-37.
  2. Rookie Poseidon: lvl 40-46.
  3. Rookie Satan: lvl 42-49.
  4. Thrall Slasher: lvl 50.
  5. Black Ranger: lvl 50-55.
  6. Neptune Lord: lvl 47-58.
  7. Boss: Heaven Lord: lvl 50 or 45 ( 50 found in the destroyed tower) ( 45 found in the back of the statue of darkness)
    Star Ocean The Second Story - Dynamite

    Star Ocean The Second Story - Dynamite

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