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Invasion of Ireland was published by Venables & Wellington Entertainment.

Invasion of Ireland


William Seasteel


Venables & Wellington Entertainment


April 9, 1747

Release Date

July 19, 1747






Author's Note 

Venables & Wellington Entertainment are proud to announce the arrival of the Invasion of Ireland documentery. Focusing on the Spanish invasion of the Irish coast in late 1745, this book tells the tale of how Great Britain's New Golden Age begins. 

Note: Not all scenes in this story are real, however all scores of battles are correct. 

Prologue - November 1745

It was a time of peace... and chaos. The War of the French Sucession had just ended, with the new Spanish Armada, Casa di Royale, dominating the seas. Rumours came about that the Spaniards might see this as a good time to attack the British isles itself, in its weakend state. Eventually, these rumours reached the British Parliament. Realizing that this may be possible, a bill was passed signalling for the Royale Co. Navy operation. Minister of Warfare, Nathaniel Joseph Garland II was ordered to reform the Royal Navy completely. Thousands of young british men are put into service as one of the greatest british units is erected. 

Numerous smaller fleets are put under command of the four Sea Lords, William Sharkskull, Blake Stewart, James Goldtimbers, and Jack Stormrage. While William is stationed in the Mediterranean, James in the Caribbean, and Jack on the Ivory Coast, Vice-Admiral Stewart is posted to the Irish Coast, in Fort Essence. 

Chapter I - Decleration of War 

November 11, 1745

At around 2 o'clock in the morning, numerous members of the Spanish Court are roused from their beds and escorted to a top-secret meeting within Palacio de Clemente. Inside "Area 16", King Phillipe V Clemente sits next to his wife, Isabella V Clemente, as the remaining members of the Board of Warfare, Prime Minister Carlos La Verde Sanita, Lord Jason Brawlmartin, Grand Field Marshall Douglas Sharkidd, Grand Lord Admiral Hector Pillageparr, and Overlord Geoffrey Hexbones arrive. As the meeting begins, Area 16 is sealed off so that the meeting may be held in peace. 

King Clemente stands, "Members of the Board of Warfare, I assure you that you have not been called here for no reason. We are to discuss the possibility of anniahlating Great Britain once and for all. Field Marshall Sharkidd jumps in, "Your Majesty, I support this invasion as it will dearly cause the death of England, and its pitiful leaders." Clemente nods in aknowledgement. "If I may, I say this invasion is worthless. We've tried this before, haven't we? We may be powerful, but England is not very far behind us. However, if this war occurs, I hold responsibilty on you to lead us to victory," Brawlmartin says. "Nay, it would not be wise for us to risk our King in an invasion that may very well be quite dangerous. I would volunteer to lead the invasion so long as our King remains safe here. We are in a great age, why give the risk of ruining it? 

Meanwhile, throughout this whole conversation, Pillageparr remains silent. He had recently been given offer by England to give them Spanish secrets in return for a king's ransom in gold. "Oh how generously they would pay me for a spill of the events tonight," he thinks to himself. Suddenly, he remembers his men, "How can I leave them to die for my selfish acts? No. I will not reveal the secrets, I will not allow my men to be harmed for my greed." 

"Anything to say, Admiral Pilageparr?" Sanita brings him out of his daydream. "No sir, just pondering on whether or not this is a good plan to run through with." Sanita smirks, "You seem to be out of things recently, Hector. Is there anything that seems to be bothering you?" Clemente suddenly stands again, and the HCO's look to him. "Gentlemen, I have made my decision. We shall comence an attack of Ireland to start off a massive take-over of England. Sanita, you shall lead the Casa di Royale Armada. Overlord Hexbones, you shall take your men, and accompany Carlos as Second-in-Command, but first, you will take a Vanguard and sail to Ireland first, weakening the defense. Pillageparr, go with the Prime Minister when he departs." 

"Understood, sir!" the Board speaks in unison. "As for you, Sharkidd, I'll need you to take over command of France, as Hexbones will be busy in the coming weeks. Brawlmartin, you'll remain here, and serve as my temporary Chief Advisor." Jason and Douglas nod in responce. "Very well, meeting adjourned." 

As everyone leaves the meeting, and Phillipe and Isabella arrive at their chambers, Isabella looks quizically at Phillipe, "Do you think it wise to make Jason chief advisor? He's not exactly the most loyal member of the court." Phillipe sighs, "I know, but he's experianced in the fields, and I need someone like him at my side to make sure this runs smoothly. Goodnight, my dear." Isabella nods goodnight, and they retreat to their individual rooms. 

November 12, 1746 

In the morning, the declaration of war is sent to the British Parliament. It reads as follows; 

On this day, the 11th of November, of the year 1746, I, King Phillipe V Clemente of Spain and France, officially authorize the invasion of Ireland as requested by the people of The Spanish Republic. Let this be our first move in bringing down the tyranny that oppresses the people of The British Empire Let it be known that as of now, Britain stands alone in this great war. I officially declare that this coming friday, November 16th, will be the day where Britain must make a stand if it wishes to maintain control of Ireland. Should the British emerge victorious, I will be willing to return the English Channel to King George II. I will also be willing to sign a 2 week long armistice. Should the British forfit this battle, Ireland will voluntarily become apart of The Spanish Republic. Should the Spanish emerge victorious, obviously, they will from here on out control Ireland until Britain should choose to act in defense. I bid all members of The Spanish military good luck in preparing for our conquest of Ireland scheduled for this friday. Viva La Espana!

King Phillipe V Clemente of Spain & France 

Andrew Mallace immedietly has the declaration run to the Prime Minister's Office. There, it is thoroughly examined by Garland and his subordinate Sea Lords, as well as Prime Minister Goldtimbers. As a vote is passed in Parliament, the declaration is answered by retaliating with Garland being ordered to be posted in Ireland by the 15th. 

Chapter II - Invasion of the Irish Coast 

November 16, 1745 

As we find ourselves on the dawn of November 16, Vice-Admiral Blake Stewart looks over at the English Channel, from the towers of Fort Essence. 

Blake Stewart was a man of middle class heiritage. He was also a man who grew up with sharp wits. He looks over the channel with a hopeful look. He'd been up all night guarding, against the advice of his subordinates. He knew he had to be ready for the squeduled invasion that Spain had given them. Why hadn't Garland arrived already? Why had Spain revealed the date they planned to attack? How large was the Spanish force? All these questions blasted in his head as a sudden voice was heard behind him. 

"Yo'u won't be read'y to lead us if ya keep this up," his second-in-command, Commodore Samuel Seavane comes up from behind. "Sir, Viceroy Bluehawk has' sent out tha EITC Third Division from Dublin. They'll be herr'e by noon," Seavane reports. "Very good, and of Minister Garland?" Blake asks quizically. "No' werd on tha matter, sir," Seavane says profoundly. "Alright, ready the fleet for immediate withdraw," Blake orders. Samuel salutes and leaves. 

Suddenly, in through the fog, a mast appears. Blake is sure he is just imagining it, when a lookout shouts, "Ships ahead!". Blake braces himself just as a cannon barrage hits Fort Essence. "Prepare the men for immediate combat! Get my ship out into the water," Blake orders as he rushes to board his ship, the HMS Erasmus. 

A platoon of marines assemble just as Blake arrives. "Men, with me!" he orders swiftly. As the troope hurries to board, sailors get in their positions, and the cannons are opened. "Have Seavane remain in command of the base." Blake turns to the sea. He can just make out the form of at least 9 ships, a small number compared to the Armada he was expecting. "Members of the Royale Co. Navy! Today, we fight for something more then the likes of King George, today, we fight for our home! Defend it!" 

~More to be added~

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