What is it

The Iron Rebel is a war frigate. This ship is one of the strongest ships you'll ever meet. It is the Skull's Marines main ship. It assists in many missions, along with transporting goods, and VIP's. It's HP is 12,600. it has 10 broadside cannons on each side, and 14 extra cannons scattered around the ship. This ship is so strong it has taken down an EITC Treasure fleet by itself!! On December 16, 2011, the Iron 
Screenshot 2011-01-18 12-24-29

The Iron Rebel making a trip to Tortuga to deliver some supplies

Rebel received special designed and state of the art iron shielding, boosting its hull by 2,800 points.

Owner- Capt. Skull X


Hull - 14868

Speed - 1200

Shipmates- 14

Cargo - 16

Broadsides - 20

Cannons - 14
Screenshot 2011-12-17 00-12-42

The Upgraded Iron Rebel


  • Reinforced Hull Level 1
  • Open Fire Rigging Level 1

Photo Gallery

This is the Iron Rebel's photo gallery!

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