El Fantasma sword equipped -2

Ironflints Brigade

Mark Decided to make his own Guild, Ironflints Brigade a Small Anti EITC guild Here are the Ranks:

Overall Ranks:

Rank 1, Members, Players without Membership lvl 14+

Rank 2, Vetrans, Players With Membership lvl 14 to lvl 30

Rank 3, Officers, Players with Membership lvl 30+

Land Ranks:

( Same as overall ranks)

Sea Ranks:

Rank 1, Plain Sash, Players with Cannon Skill lvl 15 or under

Rank 2, Navy Blue Sash, Players with Cannon Skill lvl 16+

Rank 3, Red Sash, Players with Cannon Skill lvl 16 + AND Sailing Skill lvl 15+

( Players with Red Sash Normally Drive the ship and the others shoot Cannons)

Invite Code EBMX3999

( Note That Ironflints Brigade Has Been Destroyed When Mark Left And Joined Back Into Nates Guild )

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