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Island History

In Europe, each country tried to be more powerful than the other. So a group of rich Englishmen, French men, Spaniards, and Germans came together and sailed to the Caribbean as one nation. They landed on a massive island. The island's natives helped them out. They built weapons, ships, buildings, etc. Then, the European countries found out of this new island and landed soldiers on it. The soldiers fought each other in the island's jungles and the beach area. The first reason of the island being mysterious is that not only the natives fought for their land but the citizens did. What's more strange is that the citizens fought their own countries. It was also mysterious is that the soldiers suddenly had a curse on them making them live equal. They even welcomed pirates. Then, years later the EITC raided the island and escaped into the jungle. Then Jolly Roger came and sent his men into the jungle. The soldiers still try too fight them off. As for the natives I fear the worst. There's always a mystery on the island. Jewels, resources, even journals have been found. As well as music you never heard before. Little is known how those things got on the island but, that's what happens on an island of mystery.


  • Town- No enemies
  • Mysterious Jungle- Multiple enemies.


Soldiers- Many soldiers are around the jungle fighting off the enemy. Others are guarding the town.

  • Pierre- Found in jungle
  • Hans- Found guarding town
  • Peter Wrightsmith- Found right outside the Jungle
  • William the 1st- Found in Jungle
  • Alejandro- Found in Jungle
  • Heidi- Found guarding town
  • Ozzic Stern- Security Overseer; Found on top of tower building
  • Zanger- Ozzic's personal guard; found next to Ozzic Stern

Merchants- These people will sell you things you cannot get on other islands.

  • Kelly- Gunsmith
  • Racheal Shivers- Fishmaster
  • Blacksmith Hendel- Blacksmith
  • Harry- Trainer
  • Jose(Ho- say)- Dockworker
  • Vavaldi- Shipwright
  • Wolfgang- Tailor
  • Estavon de marito-Governor

Citizens- These people hang out in the town and NOT the jungle.

  • John Wrightsmith
  • Smith Diaz
  • Joseph



  • Hired- gun
  • Mercenary
  • Assassin


  • Undead Brigand
  • Undead Duelist
  • Undead Grenaider
  • Spanish Undead Captaine
  • French Undead Captain
  • Undead Captain

Wild Animals

  • Giant Scorpion
  • Massive Alligator
  • Huge Alligator
  • Giant Crab