Scary beach

the beach

Isla de la Calavera ( skull island) is the most deadly and feared island on earth. It is the home to thousands of undead and Jolly Rogers base.

The beach is what you first see when you port. It is full of undead treasure hunters digging for treasure and undead pirates. The only buildings on the island are the abandoned shack and the haunted lighthouse Bosses: Slime (not perminate boss)

The town enterance is full of undead. It is a gate that guards a town run by skeletons and spirits. An old guard tower and gate block the main enerance and you cant eneter the town from here. If you go a little to the right of the right guard tower you will find a hole large enough to fit through. Around the gate undead Navy guards and in the towers are undead cannoneers. Bosses: cannonmaster ( not perminate)

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