Isle Fortuna
Isla Fortuna is the English privateer island. It is within a few nautical kilometers south of Ile d'Etable de Porc. The island is about the same size of Isla Avaricia, however the buildings are much different.


There is one beach with a shipwright and a dock. There are crates scattered around the beach, as well as NPCs.

Leaving the beach, you climb up a hill. At the top of the hill is a two story building, which is the headquarters of English Privateers. There, you can find Admiral Henry (NPC) at his desk, doing paperwork.

Walking past the Headquarters, there is a small marketplace with many stalls, and three buildings. The three buildings are a tailor shop, gunsmith and blacksmith shop, and an import/export office with several EITC NPCs in there.

On the far side of the island, overlooking the sea (and looking towards Isla Cangrejos), there is a tavern called Henry's Promenade. The tavern is like no other.

Scattered throughout the island, there are many buildings. There is even a cannon defense tower on the side, overlooking Tortuga.

External Appearances

An island with the same name appears in the Young Jack Sparrow novels.

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