Men, It is time that we end this war with the Paradox, It has gotten to the point of just stupidity. If you are, or want to join us, please sign here, and put what group your part of.


  1. Captain Josh - EITC
  2. Lord Lawrence Dagger - EITC
  3. ALL of the EITC
  4. The Prussian Empire
  5. The British Empire
  6. France
  7. The REAL Spain
  8. The United Empire of Europa
  9. Elite Black Force
  10. Lord Johnathan Goldtimbers - EITC
  11. Captain Bobby R. Moon- Rebel/Psychopath
  12. Lord Maxamillion - EITC
  13. Princess Carly - EITC and Irish
  14. Prince Edward Leon Breasly - EITC & British Royalty
  15. Jim Logan - Pirate King, General, Military Tactician, Bounty Hunter.
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