75px Italian Empire is a Main Italian Empire Guild in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.
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Who We Are

The Italian Government was originally a colonization of the Caribbean we were originally called "The Italian Colonies." Our leader had been instructed to colonize the new islands but when we found out about the wars happening within the Caribbean and our leader (Edgar Wildrat) was instructed to make a guild. That's who we are, a Italian Guild.


The Italian Government is made to create peace in the Caribbean however we still need our ranks and branches of army

Guards Ranks (Lowest to Highest)


The Flag of Italy



Guard Cadet-?

Guard Cadet-?

Guard First Class-?

Guard Second Class-?

Captain First Class-?

Captain Lord-Blasthawk,Jeffrey

Royal Lord-N/A,Jake

Militia Head Of Branch is Redeagle,Tom

Classified for obvious reasons.

Government-Leader is being elected

Not enough information is available for this section!

Election for Government Leaders

Italian Government is electing leaders!

People running for office


Jeffrey Scurvyfury

Lawrence Mcwallace

Tom Redeagle



Mr. Quick

Chris Truehawk/Firehawk/Popcorn-Voted Out

Election meeting

TODAYS THE DAY OF THE ELECTION! In a couple of hours the election will begin, a recording will be posted.

Congratulations to: Lawrence Mcwallace! He won the guild election. It was a close call though

Lawrence Mcwallace: 3 votes

Hallie: 0 votes

Jarod: 2 votes

Jake: 1 votes

Mr Quick: Didnt attend

Lildog: Didnt attend

Jeffrey Scurvyfury: Didnt attend

Tom Redeagle: Didnt attend

Stormwalker: Still loved by everyone won by 91(:

The next Presidents are in this order: Lawrence Mcwallace Jarod(Unless voted otherwise) Jake (unless voted otherwise) Hallie Mr. Quick (unless voted otherwise) Jeffrey Scurvyfury (Unless voted otherwise) Tom Redeagle.

Please take care to notice president is second in command of guild not the GM

The Votes (recording) The votes were not taken by me, (Sir Edgar Wildrat of the EITC) but by an impartial judge

  • Prepare to be Knighted
  • Target Practice
  • The front of the Capitol Building
  • A secretary in the Meeting Room
  • Guarding the future home of the president
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