Jack Daggermenace is one of the pirates of..... Jack Daggermenace  :P

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Daggermenace is a pirate that Jack plays on when he has nothing to do. He does not like Daggermenace much due to his lack of famed weapons.... he only has 7 compared to the other pirate of Jack's, Captain Shadow Sail who has 19 famed items. Since Shadow Sail is not FULLY mastered yet, still has cannon and potions to go, often Jack uses Daggermenace for SVS, one of Jack's favorite things to do. He is a very sizable man and can be found looting at Tormenta, Darkhart, or maybe Ravens. He is fully mastered, yes even potions, and has finished Raven's Cove and Blackpearl quest.


Weapon Skills

Sword Skill

Level: 30 Mastered

Shooting Skill

Level: 30 Mastered

Doll Skill

Level: 30 Mastered

Dagger Skill

Level: 30 Mastered

Grenade Skill

Level: 30 Mastered

Staff Skill

Level: 30 Mastered


Other Skills

Sailing Skill

Level: 30 Mastered

Cannon Skill

Level: 30 Mastered

Potions Skill

Level: 20 Mastered

Fishing Skill

Level: 20 Mastered



Jack Daggermenace has the Following Collections:
Treaure Chest of Treasure
1. Valuables

( 20/20 )

2. Odds and Ends

( 20/20 )

3. Nine Rogues

( 09/09 )

4. Navy Decorations

( 14/14 )

5. Rudyard's Teeth

( 28/28 )

6. Rhineworth Rings


7. Treasure Chess Set

( 15/?? )

8. Tia Dalma's Menagerie

( 15/15 )

9. Cannons of the Deep

( 06/12 )

10. Fish


11. Legendary Fish

( 00/05 )



Jack Daggermenace has one War-Frigate, a Light Sloop and a War Frigate

WarshipL3 2

InterceptorL3 2
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