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Triforce Jack Daggermenace has reached Notoriety level 50 and joined the No Groggy Club!
Mastered Jack Daggermenace has mastered all of his/her weapons!


Daggermenace is a pirate that Jack plays on when he has nothing to do. He does not like Daggermenace much due to his lack of famed weapons.... he only has 7 compared to the other pirate of Jack's, Captain Shadow Sail who has 19 famed items. Since Shadow Sail is not FULLY mastered yet, still has cannon and potions to go, often Jack uses Daggermenace for SVS, one of Jack's favorite things to do. He is a very sizable man and can be found looting at Tormenta, Darkhart, or maybe Ravens. He is fully mastered, yes even potions, and has finished Raven's Cove and Blackpearl quest.

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Weapon Skills

Sword Skill

Level: 30 Mastered

Shooting Skill

Level: 30 Mastered

Doll Skill

Level: 30 Mastered

Dagger Skill

Level: 30 Mastered

Grenade Skill

Level: 30 Mastered

Staff Skill

Level: 30 Mastered


Other Skills

Sailing Skill

Level: 30 Mastered

Cannon Skill

Level: 30 Mastered

Potions Skill

Level: 20 Mastered

Fishing Skill

Level: 20 Mastered



Jack Daggermenace has the Following Collections:
Treaure Chest of Treasure
1. Valuables

( 20/20 )

2. Odds and Ends

( 20/20 )

3. Nine Rogues

( 09/09 )

4. Navy Decorations

( 14/14 )

5. Rudyard's Teeth

( 28/28 )

6. Rhineworth Rings


7. Treasure Chess Set

( 15/?? )

8. Tia Dalma's Menagerie

( 15/15 )

9. Cannons of the Deep

( 06/12 )

10. Fish


11. Legendary Fish

( 00/05 )



Jack Daggermenace has one War-Frigate, a Light Sloop and a War Frigate

WarshipL3 2

InterceptorL3 2

Pirate Story:

Jack was a simple boy living the the town of Padres on top of a Gunsmith's Shop, Deaf Gunny. The only advantage to that was, he was so clueless to all the noise we had made. Jack was only 7 at the time, still learning the basic skills of his very own cutlass, a crude rusty blade given to him by the famous, Jack Sparrow. Jack was very lucky to meet Jack on his trip to Cuba. He was having the time of his life, Jack Sparrow took him on a ride on the Black Pearl, and even showed him his very own cutlass, World Eater Blade. It was the day, Jack Daggermenace, just at the age of 10, knew he would want to be a pirate.

Jack lived out the rest of his childhood learning about his cutlass, and sailing. He adored both. Everything was going great for Jack, he was looking at a bright future ahead of him, then there was that day. That day everything went wrong, the day Jack would never forget. He was practicing his sailing skills on his father's ship, the Mystical Eagle. It was a small Sloop, but that was fine for Jack simply because, he had never seen a ship better then his father's ole sloop, so he figured, it was the best ship available. It was the first time Jack would take on an enemy ship, alone. It was a Bloodhound. His father figured he had mush training and would have no trouble with the EITC sloop. Jack approached the ship, confidence filled inside of him. He had practiced countless hours on little vipers and even panthers, he knew he was ready. But, as he got closer, and closer to the vessel, he noticed its captain, Lord Beckett. Jack instantly went into panic. He had no idea Beckett was even a captain! He had no idea such a high rank would be on a ship like this. The fight lasted only a minute, Jack didn't even have a chance to shoot his broadsides. The next thing he knew, he found himself in jail, Lord Beckett, outside his door.

Jack had no idea what to do. He was in no shape to fight. He did in fact have an improved Battle Cutlass, but he had left his tonic pouch back on his father's ship along with his source of food and water, but the ship was the bottom of the ocean. And plus, whatever kind of sword Beckett had, it would overpower his cutlass instantly. He almost fainted as he heard Beckett say welcome in an almost happy voice. Jack did not feel that was the right word for being in jail. He felt saying "welcome" would be more suited for someone visiting your dwelling, not ..... jail..... with a man who sunk your ship outside the door. Jack just... didn't feel that was.... right. Jack mumbled in a uncomfortable voice, "Thanks?". Beckett must of taken offence to this because he took out his throwing knives, Silver Freeze, he recognized this from an add at a blacksmith shop in Padres. It was very hard to find, and no one was known to have the training for it. Apparently, people were wrong.... Jack froze. He was scared that Beckett might throw a knife strait into his head.... you have to realize, Jack was only 16 at the time. He quickly, hardly knowing what he was doing, took out his cutlass, kicked the rusty door of the jail open, and stood right before Beckett, not even a full foot away. To Jack's surprise Beckett stumbled back and stammered, "Sorry! Sorry! Please forgive me!!!" Jack did not... understand this. A man who had as much training as Sparrow, was afraid of him?! Jack was ready to explain he would do no harm when Beckett said this, "Jack, sir, I am very sorry! I was just trying to show off my throwing knives...." Jack was puzzled once again. "Sir?" "Sorry?" he respected Jack? Jack sat there for a minute, dumbfounded. "So why did you capture me? hmm?" Jack said in a wanna rough voice. "We wanted... to beg you..." This Jack found to be very.... funny... weird.... strange. The last time he checked, EITC didn't "beg" to pirates. "To beg you," he continued, "to join us". There was no doubt in Jack's mind he would say know. But he thought the whole thing didn't... match up. He thought, why would they want me on their side? I'm a just a 16 year old pirate with a battle cutlass.... it didn't match up to Jack. But, Jack had a plan, "Sure I will join you".

Beckett left the jail after going over some rules and regulations with Jack. Jack was then escorted by guards onto a ship, Jack saw the name, "EITC Warlord" it said atop of the captains massive door leading to the captain's quarters. Jack did not understand this, for he thought his fathers ship was the biggest and best. But when he stepped on a War Frigate, he didn't know what to make of it. "What is this?" Jack said "Well, I believe it is a War Frigate, it is given to all high ranks of the EITC" said a guard. Jack did not know how rich the EITC was. Their journey was finally over, Jack, along with about 50 guards and Beckett, left the ship and made their way to a giant castle like fort. Jack had never seen one of these either, to him it just was a giant house. The gigantic doors, towering over all of them, opened with a simple turn of a key. Once inside, they lead Jack to where he would be living, a huge area, compared to where he had lived previously. It had a massive desk, a couch, some chairs, a dresser, and even a bookshelf. It was small, but seemed huge for Jack. He said thank you to the guards and sent them on their way, he was very surprised he had the authority to do that. He got right to work on his plan and was up till about midnight figuring out everything. He was taking a risk, a risk he was willing to take.

From Jack's Prospective:

"Excuse me! Sir!" I said from my way to the dock. I was waiting for the right man, the man who wasn't the smartest of the bunch. He had seen this guard drop everything someone put in his hand and steer the ship into a rock... he was the one. "Yes? How may I assist you?" "Err..... I am very.... respected in this ..... facility and I have a request. I need to see the gold room area." "Sure! Right this way" Perfect just the way I had hoped. They were sure protected and safe from robbers. I walk down a flight o stairs leading to an iron door that needed 5 keys, if I wasn't mistaken. We then traveled for almost a mile in the underground path... guards everywhere. We finally reached a pure gold door. I had seen the guard that had taken me turn a series of dials and knobs and then put in about 20 different keys. Finally, he had to do the hardest part, push it open. It must of taken us a half an hour to open that massive door. And then, we were there. There were 4 guards just standing there..... motionless. But they were not EITC, nor the undead. I had no idea what they were, all I knew is that regardless, I would have to fight them off.

To Be Continued

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