Guilds in Allegiance to James

This empire consists of the following guilds;

Xilefs Guild

James' Own

Le Grande Army

Latest Updates

The Empire has seized control of the small islands.

The Empire has got 2 new Guilds.

The Empire has started recruiting.

An alliance has been formed between France ( which includes conquered Spain) and Greece! Viva la Empire!


Brownshirts are the younger half of the army they are from 15–18 years old and are trained with the cutlass and pistol. All of the Brownshirts are volunteers. Brownshirts are a match for any pirate crew of undead invasion, and can often hold fairly well up against some European armies but they are no battlefield soldiers and therefore a lot of them change into the army instead of the Police. The leader of the Brownshirts is Robert Singedbeard.

A brown shirt about to make an arrest.



There are no Uniforms for unlimited players yet.


Dark Brown Cotton Short Sleeve.

Plain Basic Sash.

Grey linen Highwaters.

Comfy Boots.

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