Jeffrey's Shack was used for when Jeffrey Blasthawk and his brothers and sister were forced to move out of Ravens Cove by their parents. Their parents were worried for them, so they asked Jeffrey to take himself and his sibligs elsewhere. Jeffrey took them to an island called Driftwood Isle. After he left, Jeffrey would never see his parents again. There was a little shack there that he used to house them. He decided that this would be his house for his family and him.

After a while, His sibligs grew old enough so they set out to live their own lives. His sister(Who decided to remain anyonomous) went to live with her husband(who she divorced). Ned Sharksilver went to live in Ile D'Etable De Porc, Peter went to port royal. and Billy Lockcutter went to Tortuga. All of them kept in touch with Jeffrey though. After they left, Jeffrey stayed at the shack. His summer home is in the vacant building in tortuga.

Other uses for people

  • Jeffrey's friend Davy Plunderflint and another friend Roger Goldskull used it when they were marooned.
  • The Bob Guild used it as a base
  • the Francis Brigade used it as a base
  • Pirates use it as a hideout against the EITC
  • Just outsite, is Camp Red Buffalo, used by the Treasure Hunter Inc.
  • Also, inside the shack is what the T.H.I calls The Bolt Station.


I did not use Blue Stone to buy this house, therefore i own it on all servers.

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