Jeffrey's Weapons belt, consists of weapons he holds nearest and dearest to his heart. It mostly holds blades though. He loves blades. This belt holds:

What it holds:

Masterwork Broadsword

This blade is one of his favorite, and best weapons he has ever layed his hands on. He has killed more enemies with this weapon than the other ones he has. He has killed a total, 784, and counting with this blade. This blade was created by his great friend, Davy Plunderflint.

Spinecrest Blade(Kinda)

This blade is his most deadly weapon. It is a hand-crafted blade, he made himself. He is very proud of the results. It really looks like a cactus, so wherever you swing it, your targets getting stabbed anyway..

Sabre of the Inquisition

This blade is just a sabre. He doesnt use it much, but it is powerful. He often uses it to finish someone off, but strictly, for that reason only.

The Blade of Christopher Ironhawk

This blade was named after his dead friend, Christopher. He was a special pirate. This blade is his life. If he loses it, he dies. It is said that this sword is his soul. This blade is a cutlass brand, and it has the most control of any of his other blades.

To be continued.

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