Jing Vang

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Jing Vang

Who is Jing Vang?

Jing Vang is the most vile undead creature you will face in the Caribbean. His undead mercenary hordes dwell in a cave deep within Tortuga. He holds the Sword of the Golden Dragon, with which he keeps his undead crew under check.

Jing Vang's History

When the Caribbean was still being captured by El Patron, Jing Vang first recruited a crew of trained servants from his home of Singapore. After a brutal journey to the Caribbean, he sent his servants to explore Tortuga. They found a village in an area now called the Rat's Nest. They bought one of the houses, and put within it a fireplace and a trap door. Under the trapdoor is a mighty cavern where Jing Vang trained his army. He named the cavern the Cavern of Vang. After months of training, Jing Vang traveled to Raven's Cove to try to enlist his crew with El Patron. Unfortunately, El Patron saw deceit, and ordered them away from the island. This infuriated Jing Vang, so he jabbed El Patron in the eye with the hilt of his blade. His crew began attacking the townsfolk, and pillaging their stores. When the boarded their ships and left, El Patron threw a curse upon their ship, the Scaled Serpent. He cursed them with undead immortality. When the curse was finished, their ship's wood was rotted and burned, and the crew was undead.


  • 1,000,000 Health
  • Sword of the Golden Dragon
  • Has 2 Boss Guards
  • Level 58-65
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