John Warsmythe is a man of Trickery, Humor, and Strength. He was an EITC lord until the mystery of the HMS Destroyer and its crew was solved. He is now one of the Most Wanted men in the Caribbean. He was a spy, assassin, black shark, and WarLord (currently one of Samuel's top men). John's number 1 enemy is Lord Leon, the most infamous EITC Lord in the history of the game. John served for him. His old leader and friend, Samuel Redbeard now hunts for him. John pass haunts him for everything especially the HMS Destroyer. He did the act because it was a ship of Leon at the time but since it was one of the biggest EITC ships there was, the new EITC hunts for him and lurks at every corner. It is not know if this man is to be punished and stripped of rank.

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