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The NPC of Johnny "Shark" Turner is usually located in Barbossa's Grotto, but sometimes is found visiting you in other looting areas including Tormenta, Dark Hart, and other crowded areas. There is more than one form of each of them, and each represent a past form of Johnny. They're all randomly placed on each server. They are fightable, but only when you click the "challenge" option when you press shift to talk to him. When you challenge one of them, a menu comes up showing every friend, guildmate, crewmate, and player in your general area. You click on their names to invite them to fight Johnny with you. Each of him is an orange ghost and a level 50 boss with the same life amount as Foulberto Smasho, but doesn't kill you as fast. His rewards are almost always in a loot skull chest and every time you kill him, he drops a rare, or sometimes famed or even legendary of whatever weapon he uses.

Here are the different forms in order from weakest to strongest:

  • Spaniard Form - Dagger, Dark Idol
  • Boatswin Form - Cutlass, Seven Seas Cutlass
  • British Privateer Form - Sabre, Admiral's Sabre
  • Assassin Form - Throwing knives, Silver Freeze (Beware the Freeze Attack)
  • King of Barbary Form - Broadsword, Blade of the Turners


There is also a much less aggresive form of Johnny, who actually has a story to tell. Once you kill every single ghost of Johnny, you unlock the backroom of the King's Arm. You'll be able to open the back door, and all of Turner's crewmates as well as his ghost forms will be in there with a story to tell that involves a cutscene where you play as that crewmate or character. These include raiding cursed ships, attacking Spain, attacking England, and much, much more. You'll also have other NPCs to support and fight you in these scenes. The best part is, you'll be able to play in a cutscene as Johnny when you talk to him. Another great part of this is a quest that you can do for Johnny. The requirement is mastered gun. Once you have that requirement you can do the quest and the reward is double barreled pistols. They are known as "double poppers" and have an attack of 88.

Pictures of All the Forms

The Boatswain Form.

The assassin form.

The British Privateer Form.

The infamous Barbary King form.

The original form.