Jumbee Master is a Zombie Pirate who's loyal to Ziggy Cardon.

He's guildmaster of Ziggy's guild called "Ziggy's Warriors.

Ziggy created him with the help of Tia Dalma and Eva a very good friend of him. He was created to be loyal to Ziggy and be more compliant.

A current version of Jumbee Master


He's other then other Zombies, he's not that bad tempered as most of his kind. But he is compliant to Ziggy and only take orders from Ziggy or people that where given the right to be his master.

Being a Zombie


Jumbee Master being threatend

Being a Zombie is not always adventage. Because much people are afraid from creatures like him and they often make hunt after these pagan creatures.


Well before Ziggy became pirate, he was in a personal war with someone who was ruined his life. It was a she, she was the devil, a monster with to much power and Ziggy was in war with her. They tried to kill each other very often but both still survived. But on a night she sended her bes
Jumbee Master Face

Jumbee Master

t henchman to Ziggy. Also one of his biggest enemies. the assassin came to Ziggy in the dark with two very mighty broadswords and started to attack Ziggy. But Ziggy took a rusty cutlass and defended himself and fought back. Then he defeated his enemie and killed him. Ziggy hid the body. But after a while he became pirate and he fought the strong jumbee's of Blackbeard a board the Queen Anne's Revenge. He came to the idea to make one himself so he went to Tia Dalma and she zombified the body to Jumbee Master.


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