Kayla Silverfox

Meeting Jim Logan, taking care of the children, death and revival

Kayla would meet Jim Logan in Port Royal on a business trip in the 1700's and they would quickly fall in love they would get married and have 5 children(look at The Kliq) Jim would leave for an adventure after the birth of his 5th child. Kayla would spend the next 5 years happily taking care of the 5 children until one night when Blackbeard invaded Port Royal and Kayla who was shopping was attacked and killed by Blackbeard for not bowing to him. her husband would return to take care of their children.About 2 months later she would be revived and she and Jim would take care of the children together.

Later life

After years of living with Logan and the family, Kayla died of yellow fever

Other Apperances

The Marriage of Kitty Logan

In an upcoming story, Kayla will make an apperance during Kitty's wedding. She was cut due to her death.

The Logan Family Story 2

Kayla was scheduled to appear in the sequel to The Logan Family Saga but was cut in the first draft due to Vince Logan(Better known as Victor Creed Logan) said they should make a diffrent love intrest for Jim.

She would later be entirly written out of the story by Vince Logan, although her (second)death will now be mentioned

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