King Arthur and the claymore before battle

The Claymore's Origins

Once thought as an Arthurian legend, the King's Claymore is a powerful blade that was discovered in Northern England in 1684. The object was instatnly deemed a holy artifact and was immeadietly sent to the Vatican by a few Catholic missionaries. Unfortunatley a storm blew the ship to the wild North Alantic and fell victim to pirates.

A New Owner

By the constant adventures and trades of the pirate leagues, the sword eventually found it's way to a comman rouge. The rogue, named Weathrby Musk, soon learned of its use of dark magics. It could bring a man back from the dead as long as he had the blade with him. Musk learned of this when fighting a saber wouldn't cut him and a pistol shot would bounce of his head. This news, although exciting, made Musk constantly paranoid of fear of losing the claymore or having it stolen. So, as his mates say, he sailed off in a rowboat to live his life as a hermit.

Musk's Isle

Whoever finds Musk's Isle and steal the claymore of Musk himself, they will be given the choice of living forver or giving the immortality to someone else. Many have tried, from every nation. One account was an English privateer, Jacob Hiller, who tried to find the sword for England. He arrived a decade after his search, covered in cuts across his chest and lost the ability to speak. Another quest for the claymore was by the Keeper of the Code, Teague, who himself knows of the Isle but won't speak of it and kills any man who will.

A Chance for England

Some historians belive, if the power of the claymore does work, it would bring England to a Golden Age. If the claymore was laid upon the Tomb of King Arthur, Arthur would return and would make make mother England an absolute power. Until then, England will nothing more than a small island.

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