King Draken the Tyrant

King Draken the Tyrant was the king of Isla Inferno. He was in the Invasion of Isla Inferno and lead the attack on Jolly Roger when he attacked. He has been seen in the Port Town on Isla Inferno roaming around and appears in the center of town only at night and starts making a sound like the Rage Ghosts. He has been seen as Lv 59 as second hardest Undead Reaper Boss. He also when the sun goes down he goes to the center of town and leaves a loot skull chest that's a trap and unleashes one other Undead Reaper Boss. So whenever you see him drop a loot skull DONT OPEN IT it'll unleash another undead reaper boss at random. So don't open it. He is a tortured soul since his death so he'll be really angry whenever you attack. Also like all the other enemies on the island, they'll attack Jolly Roger's forces hard


He drops loot skull chest and inside is his fortune because he was the richest man on the island.

Other Info

328px-Grim reaper-1--1- (43x55) King Draken the Tyrant is an Undead Reaper
Terror (44x55) King Draken the Tyrant is a deadly, dangerous and evil Undead Reaper Boss!!
Isla Inferno Template King Draken the Tyrant is a/an/the Undead Reaper Boss on Isla Inferno!

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