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King Kong is a massive Kaiju mob in Minecraft. Almost as tall and powerful as Mobzilla, Kong is extremely aggressive and relentless. He will always mercilessly pursue his target and endure/give massive beatings up until the second he dies. Taming him is extremely dangerous but rewarding seeing as he will also try and kill players. He can be tamed with a sizeable amount of cocoa beans, which he appears to heavily favor. He only spawns in Jungle and Swamp based biomes. His presence while fighting Mobzilla increases the strength of all players.




Hearts: 1500

Armor: 40


Bite - Weakens and slows a target, also dealing massive damage.

Fire Breath - A slightly less powerful version of Mobzilla's atomic breath.

Agility - King Kong's speed rivals Rodan's.

Minecraft Godzilla Mod - King Kong.png