"They say that it's not all about who you are, it's how much you've done for others. But I say, it is about who you are; and what you've done for yourself. - Kitty


Notoriety - 38

Fishing - 20

Cannon - 13

Sword - 30

Dagger - 30

Grenade - 10

Gun - 24

Doll - 20

Staff - 15

Sailing - 10

You can find/chat to/stalk me@..

Galaria/Barano/Cortevos; Tormenta, Ravens Cove, looting - what else?

Kokojollo; Cuba, selling items, making potions or walking around in circles because I'm busy talking to my guild. Abassa; Tortuga, well.. I guess you could say I'm taking out any of my stress onto anyone.


"They say that it's not all about who you are, it's how much you've done for others. But I say, it is about who you are - and what you've done for yourself.

(Wise tip - only say this to someone lower level then you.) "Go ahead, sweetie. Do your worst."

"Spam! Spam! Spam!***Spamming***"


I'm born on June the 1st, which makes me a Gemini. I assure you, that's the best star-sign ever. Well, so I think of course. I have low-key humour, I do admit. Terribly serious, and rather cold and harsh. That's me alright. The game can get terribly boring without conversation, so I like to talk all about most anything in general - all the time! Sadly, it's hard for me to control my temper sometimes, though. I like doing potions to make cool stuff happen like change size, color, and disappear if I feel like stalking someone. I am very particular about plundering because often times the captain steers so badly that the target vanishes before I can properly shoot it. I like wearing bright colors sometimes, I like doing glitches, and I always wear corsets even though I have plenty of fancy shirts in my inventory. This is surprising to some people but I have two full rows of hats in my inventory, seriously! I also like sparkly colourful things, like gold and treasure.


I have lots of friends, and enemies too! I won't go about mentioning them all because I need to update my list often and it's rather bothering... So I'll just say that the friends I have are all very good friends, who I really don't deserve, and every day I find more and more.

Enemies? Bah! They don't deserve ME! Gameplay time? 1-2-3 hours max.

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