This is a Fort in the Uncharted Waters that is refred to as L'asile and is specialy made for The Alliance Of All The Brethren Courts.
Check!!!!!!!!! L'asile is considered a Canon.



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The Fort

The Secret Port

There is only one way into the fort. and that is, when you get close enough, you show yer Piece of 8 to make sure your a Pirate Lord and not EITC.

And then 10 NPC lift a boulder and you park your ship


There is a huge rock not only surronding the city within but there are over 300 Cannons around the island to repel any attack.

Other Locations

A Meeting room for the The 5th Brethren Court The New Brethren Court and The Spanish Brethren Court

Food Room- a room that can hold enough food to last over 5,000 Pirates for 10 years

Rum Room- Enough rum to hold many pirates for 10 years

OTher Food/drink room - rooms that hold enough water to last many pirates along time


Triva/other info

T*here are Commanders and watchmen when The Pirate Lords are not present

  • Other Pirates are not allowed in when they enter the fort.(without a Pirates Lords permission that means no Teleport)
  • This is one of the few Pirate Forts to last until the 20th century

Other Apperances

L'asile is scheduled to appear in The Logan Family Story 2.

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