LRC (Loot Research Center) is a top knotch reseach facility based on looting. Pirates have always wondered how to get the best loot so the facility opeaned a few weeks after looting came out. The founder of the Company was a young lass named Emily Firestorm who wanted to prove to others that pirates that there are specific ways to get better loot. Our motto is "Take all you can, give nothin back."

Bosses of the LCR

  • Founder: Emily Firemartin
  • President: Captain H(obo)
  • Vice President: Jack Firestorm
Weapon Experts Weapon experts test to see what type of weapon can get you the best kind of loot. The weapon experts usually fight on land not sea.
  • Weapons Expert Captain: Plunderskull
  • Weapons Expert: Jane Goldeagle
  • Weapons Expert: Awesome Awesome Pants
  • Weapons Expert: Sharkkidd
  • Weapons Expert: Joshy
  • Weapons Expert: Jason Yelloweagle
Sea Loot Experts The Sea Loot Experts are people who test out sea loot to find out which ships are best to attack
  • Sea Loot Expert Captain: Jack Stormrage
  • Sea Loot Expert: Rose
Area Experts Area experts travel to different areas to see which island has the best loot.
  • Area Expert Captain: Jason Pillagebowers
  • Area Expert: Thratch Roberts (lol I asked the gm and he said yes, thx Thratch)
  • Area Expert: Swahbuckler
  • Area Expert: Dreadskull
Wiki Page Experts These people are willing to help make your page sparkel with awesome
  • Wiki Page Expert Captain: Captain H(obo)
If you want to join add your name and what group you want to join in comments.

The LRC has a few guilds who support them if you want your guild to support us please list your guilds name in the comments here and we will add it. Guilds who support us

  • The Mercelan Guild (Yea thats right Thratch Roberts works for us)
  • Venomous
  • Awesomest Crew
  • Hobo inc
  • El Musketeers
  • Order of Nautillus
Guilds we want to support us
  • El Looters
  • Elite Theviry Co
  • We Die Together
Guilds we dont want to support us
  • Paradox

Feel free to add your research to this page Broadsword theory After a few weeks of research we have come to a conclusion that the broadsword theory is true. The Broadsword theory is where you go to a place with 4-5 enemies like the gold room or the 4th idol room. You pull out your broadsword and hit each enemy once then wait for them all to crowd arround you. once they are all in range you kill them all. This theory has been proven to increse your loot chance by 20% in the gold room and the 4th idol room. Darkheart People either love Darkheart or hate him. The key to attack with a repeater or use knives from a distance. Close combat weapons suck as swords and knives can affect your loot. Voodoo also ruins your loot. If you stand near the gun store near Darkheart it will increse your loot chance. Darkheart usually wont give you awesome loot as soon as you get to him. However if you stay for about an hour or two you could get up to 5 famed.

The LRC have many events and holidays they celebrate Events

  • Monthly Review: First day of every month we will have testers try out any studies to see if they are true. If they are not the study will be removed from the page.
  • Spam the Paradox Day: We look all over the Caribbean for any Paradox members and spam them. Every April, 8th , Andoso server, 6:00 PM, Port Royal bridge
  • Labor day: You will not have to work this day
  • PVP festible: every December 19 we will all meet on Andoso server, 6:30 PM, Crazy Neds box, to all have a huge PVP showdown.

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