Bosses of the LCR

  • Founder: Emily Firemartin
  • President: Captain H(obo)
  • Vice President: Jack Firestorm

Weapon Experts

Weapon experts test to see what type of weapon can get you the best kind of loot. The weapon experts usually fight on land not sea.

  • Weapons Expert Captain: Plunderskull
  • Weapons Expert: Jane Goldeagle
  • Weapons Expert: Awesome Awesome Pants
  • Weapons Expert: Sharkkidd
  • Weapons Expert: Joshy
  • Weapons Expert: Jason Yelloweagle

Sea Loot Experts

The Sea Loot Experts are people who test out sea loot to find out which ships are best to attack

  • Sea Loot Expert Captain: Jack Stormrage
  • Sea Loot Expert: Rose

Area Experts

Area experts travel to different areas to see which island has the best loot.

  • Area Expert Captain: Jason Pillagebowers
  • Area Expert: Thratch Roberts (lol I asked the gm and he said yes, thx Thratch)
  • Area Expert: Swahbuckler
  • Area Expert: Dreadskull

Wiki Page Experts

These people are willing to help make your page sparkel with awesome

  • Wiki Page Expert Captain: Captain H(obo)

If you want to join add your name and what group you want to join in comments.

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