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Broadsword theory

After a few weeks of research we have come to a conclusion that the broadsword theory is true. The Broadsword theory is where you go to a place with 4-5 enemies like the gold room or the 4th idol room. You pull out your broadsword and hit each enemy once then wait for them all to crowd arround you. once they are all in range you kill them all. This theory has been proven to increse your loot chance by 20% in the gold room and the 4th idol room.


People either love Darkheart or hate him. The key to attack with a repeater or use knives from a distance. Close combat weapons suck as swords and knives can affect your loot. Voodoo also ruins your loot. If you stand near the gun store near Darkheart it will increse your loot chance. Darkheart usually wont give you awesome loot as soon as you get to him. However if you stay for about an hour or two you could get up to 5 famed.

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