The Cactus Sword


La Espada Cactus, or The Cactus Sword in Spanish, is an ancient Mayan battle blade, used by a Mayan warlord. When the Aztecs conquered the Mayans, the sword was stolen by a Jaguar Warrior and brought to Montezuma II. When Montezuma was killed by Cortez' troops, the sword was taken, and given to Cortez. However, Cortez, not knowing it's power, gave it to the soldier who slew Montezuma. His name was Alejandro de Gonzales. When Alejandro's fellow conquistadors sailed back to Spain, Alejandro stayed behind with a few soldiers. They trudged north for days, and finally came across a valley, which was perfect for a town. He built his town, called Gonzales. It is now known today as Gonzales, Texas.

Alejandro soon grew weary of life in the desert. And so, with a few men, they went south, and returned to Tenochitlan. Then, he sailed to the Caribbean, and started a new colony, called Isla de los Invincible. On that island, he died. He was put in the Catacombs, along with his sword. When Jolly Roger invaded the island, he found it, cursed it, and threw it into the sea. The sword lter washed up on the beaches of Padres del Fuego. A curious man, named Juan, picked up the sword. The sword's curse slowly crept up his arm, until his skin was now burnt flesh. He became larger, has skin as strong as the hide of an alligator. His face was horribly mutilated. He became a monster known as El Monstruo. He jumped into the ocean, and the currents around him turned thick and dark. He propelled himself towards an island, that would later be known as Isla Tormenta.

Once on the island, La Espada Cactus was used to carve the tunnels now known as the Cursed Caverns. There, El Monstruo lived in agony, killing any being who came by. Eventually, a man named Jeffrey Blasthawk came across El Monstruo. Jeffrey, using his Masterwork Broadsword, barely defeated El Monstruo. When defeated, El Monstruo was reversed to human form in the dark. However, when he stepped into the sunlight, he was converted to El Monstruo. Now, Juan is the only living man in the Cursed Caverns.

Jeffrey still wields this blade proudly today!


Type/Rarity Legendary Cursed Blade
Resale Value N/A 633
Attack N/A 93
Cactus Whack Rank 3 Whack your enemy and send cactus bristles all over!
Smash Rank 3 Slam your sword into your enemy and stun him!
Sweep Boost +3 Get a boost on Sweep!
Level Required N/A Level 29 Sword
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