La Mafear
La Mafear
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A play created by Consigileri Sal and The Godpistol

Published and Produced by LA mAFIA PRO

La Mafear
Author Consigilere Sal and The Godpistol
Illustrator Consigilere Sal
Publication date 11/5/11
Published by La Mafia Productions
Publication Order
Preceded by
Murder on Everglade Alley
Followed by
The Ante Christ


Now that the conspiracy behind the murder on Everglade Alley is over, La Mafia has taken it's first steps. But not everyone likes that, and soon La Mafia is swarmed in more trouble than it can handle. It's up to the characters you love, and a few new faces, to battle the hounding attackers.

How the Play Began

Jack Pistol, Nicholas De Salisbury, and Simon Redskull all stood in Las Pulgas, discussing La Mafia Bank. Jack, attempting to make it easier so the filter didn't screw up the word "Mafia" called it the "Ma fear". This sparked an idea in Nicholas' head, and soon this play began taking shape.

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