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55px Lawrence Greasehazzard has reached Notoriety level 29!

Pistol eagle eye.png Lawrence Greasehazzard's Favorite server is Tortos And Abassa.!

Lawrence Greasehazzard is the main pirate of Cuchifrito1216. He was born in Puerto Rico but moved to Tortuga at the age of 3. Lawrence Greasehazzard is the representative of Twisted Dragon in the Confederacy of Independant Guilds (CIG).


  • Guild: Twisted Dragon(Guildmaster)
  • Favorite Server: Tortos and Abassa
  • Notoriety: 29
  • Sword: 23
  • Gun: 10
  • Voodoo Doll: 9
  • Daggers and Throwing Knives: 12
  • Grenades: 10
  • Cannon: 14
  • Sailing: 13
  • Potions: 9
  • Fishing: 17

Highest Cannon Defense alone: 12

Highest Cannon Defense in a group: 22

Cannon level: 14

Weapons That Lawrence uses


  • Witch Hunter Broadsword
  • Sea Fang Cutlass
  • Engraved Broadsword
  • Orangutan Cutlass

Voodoo Doll

  • Straw Doll
  • Mystic Doll


  • EITC Blunderbuss

Dagger and Throwing Knives

  • Backbiter Dagger
  • Scallywag's Knives

Voodoo Staff

  • n/a


  • Bronze Cannon Ram
  • Bandit's Sea Globe (can't use it yet)

Fishing Rod

  • Master Rod


Abandoned Ships


Charles Chipmonk: lvl 17

Where to find me

I am usually in Tortos or Abassa. During invasions I am usually in Abassa or andaba.

Me kicking


  • Lawrence once was able to kick the Jail cell that started his guild from the outside and got stuck kicking until he exited, he kicked for 2 hours.
  • He obtained a engraved broadsword by killing a level 2 swamp alligator.
  • Killed Jolly Roger 3 times.
  • Battle an undefeatable gravedigger for 2 hours straight.
  • Completed the black pearl once with only one other crew mate, and the captain.
  • Got stuck in a ghost war sloop with nobody on board During ship pvp. on the slideshow Pic 31-36.
  • One time a blue light appeared whenever i went in a building. Pic 81-88.
  • Highest level enemy defeated Lvl 45 seabeard.
  • Was in a a GM's crew (rose SOmething)

That's it.