Letter of Marque
A Letter of Marque and Reprisal, commonly known as a Letter of Marque, was a warrant or commission from a national government usually authorising a designated agent to search, seize, or destroy specified assets or personnel belonging to a party which has committed some offence under the laws of that nation.


James Norrington~1746 to hire him as Admiral of the Naval Fleet

Cadet~ Used in May 1745, to hire him as an EITC agent

Captain Edge~ Used by Pearson to hire him as an agent of the Spanish

Grand Admiral James Howlett~ January 1745 to hired as the Grand Admiral of the British Royal Navy, later resigned in 1755.( used his Alias James Howlet when he signed, therefore, when not using this alias he is not truly the Grand Admiral)

Captain Hector Barbossa~ 1749 to hire him as Grand Admiral of his Majesty's Navy. later resigned in 1750

Capt. Skull X~ 1722 to hire him as a General of the Royal British Military, later resigned

Slappy~ 1744 to hire him as an English Privateer

Samuel Redbeard—Used to make sure he cannot be tried. Signed by the King and Lord Beckett

The Alliance of All The Brethren Courts ~ Were given pardons to all their past crimes 1745

Kitty Logan - Given pardon in 1788 when her past crimes were waved after she saved the King of France from death from an assassin.

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