Logan's Militia(or Captain Jim Logan's Militia) was a group not a guild lead by Pirate King Captain Jim Logan during The Great War On Piracy after the cost of Clone soldiers went up. Logan recruited people, pirates, ex navy and even civivlans to this Militia to help combat the EITC.

In Lore


This Militia was formed after the growing cost to create Clone soldiers went up bye the banking clan. So Jim Logan, started to recruit an elite fighting force to follow The Alliance of All The Brethren Courts against the EITC and Jolly Roger. This force would be offically founded in October 1742 and would win many battles, using gurrilia tactics against the EITC. This Militia would also defend majoir outposts/landmarks during island invasions. By 1743 this Milita would unified with The Illustrious Front Lines and with the swell in members would start a full-fledged war against the EITC. In 1744, the Militia would be put into hiding as a secret service for Jim Logan, The French royal family and the Logan Children(later life). In the 1750's This Militia, was stationed in Italy,France and England.


Although all operations are classified, some have been leaked.

Operation:Camp Demolition - The Militia attacked and took over several key base camps of the EITC and Jolly Roger.

Operation: Nightfall - This mission saw the destruction of several bases and forts of the Worlds Government.

Other Apperances

The Logan Family Story

Although it is not mentioned at all, the Militia was present in defending Port Royal and Tortuga against The Worlds Government's Forces during The Purge. It is unknown how many of their forces were killed, but it is expected to be high.

The Logan Family Story 2

This Militia is scheduled to appear in The Logan Family Story 2 in France and Italy.

The Marriage of Kitty Logan

The Militia is scheduled to appear in this book guarding the Marriage from enemies.

Behind the scenes

Logan's Militia was heavyily based off of Kota's Militia from the Star Wars universe.

Kota with his Militia.

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