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'Its Nothing Personal.... Strictly Business.'.- Lord Jason Blademorgan, EITC Officer Guild Userbox ImageEITC.jpg00:13, September 12, 2012 (UTC)

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Lord Jason Blademorgan






London, England 1719 (age 26)

Governor of

British Colony New Jersey

Current Guild

Royale Co. navy (Veteran)

Past Guilds

Black Mercenaries, Co. Empire, United Empire, The Paradox, Beckett's Elites, Company Guard, British black Guard, Casa di royale, Elite Co marines

Current Place(s) of Residence

Port Royal, London, England

Other Notable Titles

Sir, Lord

The Start of the Blade


On Board


At the Caribbean


The finding

The hunt for the fountain

Joining the EITC

At Kingshead

The EITC First Civil war

Lord Jason spying on paradox

Years Later and the start of the Paradoxian Wars


Today Jason is currently Working on restoring the East India Trading co

Jason in the invasion of port royal when he was in Spain

Current guild is British Co. Elites


  • Jason has been in a total of ten wars!!
  • Jason has been in the guild The Co. Empire- and recalls it the best EITC guild ever

Jason with lord Johnny and Sven

  • Jason is said to be unstoppable in poker

  • Jason is 5.9 feet


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Me with Lord Garland

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Playing poker ( going to use cheat cards >:D

Kingshead invasion

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me with my forever friend Johnny Mcsilver

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