These Knives were forged by the Great Lord of The Abyss and bestowed upon his son Slappy, the Abysmal Assassin. These Knives give the option to switch from Throwinng Knives to Daggers whenever the wielder wishes. These blades control all the power of the Abyss and can destroy any piece of land. The skills on the blade do not need to be loaded and are always available. It is the strongest of the Blades of the Abyss. It is one of the strongest weapons in existence.

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Attack: 720 ( Deals 2,500 Damage each strike )

Abysmal - Rank 5 ~ Restores all lost health every 2 Seconds.

Abysmal Rage - Rank 5 ~ Defeats any EITC or Navy in one strike.

Anti Curse - Rank 5 ~ Reflects all Curses or Voodoo Attacks back to the caster.

Frozen Cyclone - Rank 27 ~ Throws Frozen Daggers in all direcions and freezes the victims for 160 Seconds.

Burning Cyclone - Rank 27 ~ Throws burning Daggers in all directions and burns the victims for 160 Seconds.

Shocking Cyclone - Rank 27 ~Throws Electric Daggers in all directions and shocks the victims for 160 Seconds.

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