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Lost Master is a cutlass from the famous, Master Ex weapon group. It is an extremely rare and powerful weapon being only two of them made. It has the Ghost Form ability, making you into a real life ghost, while boosting your health and attack power by an incredible, 201. This weapon also has the Drain Health ability, stealing much needed health from your enemy. Along with all of those factors, the cutlass offers one more thing, a skill boost. It boost every skill by 7 points. This cutlass was lost for many many years, now it is in existence and it is here, but its location is still unknown. One copy is hidden and owned by Captain Shadow Sail. King Shadow Sail made this fine crafted cutlass at the age of only 18, he then threw out the plans, knowing people would steal them. The other copy is destroyed by a riot wanting the sword.

  • Attack: 201
  • Resale: 2,102
  • Abilities:
  • Ghost Form: You turn into a flying ghost! Boosting your health and attack by 100.
  • Drain Health: You steal health from your enemies!
  • Skill Booster: +7

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