On a fine day, the French and their leader, Pierre Le Porc, were taking the day off. They relaxed, lowered prices, ordered goods, and took the day easy. But with Garcia and The Spanish, it was different. Today, they knew the French were unsuspecting, and trained all day, and prepared for Invasion. Then all at once, all the Spanish Frigates launched and followed the massive Ship of the Line captained by Señor Rogero (Lord Roger). The French were shocked, and only launched a few available Light Sloops, only to be sunk by the Spanish Fleet. The Spanish frigates docked at Ile E'table De Le Porc and raided the treasures. Many buildings and forts were destroyed. When too many Spanish Conquistadors were outsmarted by the French Elites, Roger himself lead the invasion and raided the Weapon's Cache. No French could stop Roger and his Conquistadors. They returned to Avaricia, and gazed upon the magnificent Weapon's Chache ...

The Cache

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290px-Sabre D55px-Icon nature staff dIcon Doll55px-Icon globe b55px-Icon musket d55px-Icon cutlass d55px-Icon multiBarrel b

270px-Sabre C55px-Icon blunderbuss b55px-Hollow d

180px-Shadow Cutlass


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