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[[Category:World Role-Play]]

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Svens SquadEdit

Under the command of Lord Johnny Coaleaston, and Lord Jeremiah Garland, Sven's Squad team is always prepared for battle ready for firefights of any tactical situation. Sven uses his lords orders to substitute into the battlefield. His new recruits are trained and quizzed carefully before deployment to A actual war. The team is usually equipped with sabre's for good control due to its light weight and is used for the regular military teams. The primary weapon for Sven's team is a bayonet. The bayonets have a far range but aren't as useful as the muskets, but the bayonet teams are trained to charge when needed to reload this gives the enemy a heads up.

Team MembersEdit

  • Lt.-Sven Daggersteel-Squad Leader
  • Major Charles Ironhound - Squad Member
  • Corporal Jack - Squad Member
  • Private jason Fireskull- squad member
  • Private Ishamel- squad member
  • Sergeant Thomas Shipmorgan- status unknown
  • Nick harkinburg-squad member
  • Hector Dreadshot-squad member


The team is usually called for backup missions or rescue missions. The team is specially trained for any situation due to the paradoxes attacks. The team is mostly land operated but have a lot of SVS training. They are required to have at least thunder bolt shots to be admitted in any SVS mission.

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