Meet Luke, a friendly black snake of darkness. Careful though, his poison can kill a buffalo where its standing!


Luke, like some animals his appearence is affected by the time of day. In the day he appears as a red snake with a black tail, at this time he has the power to feed off light and his poision works as a miracle cure that can save anyone from their death bed. He can also turn into a red hat at this time. However, at night Luke turns into a deadly black mamba with poision that can kill anyone or anything where it stands. At this time of power Luke can turn into a black hat. In the day he has a black head.

Lukes passive daytime mode


Luke in his deadly nighttime mode


Being a creature of Darkness Luke is used by The Dark as a interrogation tool or weapon. Most of the time Luke is on Edgar Wildrats (The Darks) head, at night he can be a powerful defensive tool while during the day if his Master should get hurt Luke will easily heal him.


Luke was created when The Dark and The Light once fought each other, The Light was desperatly creating a powerful weapon, The Dark tainted it with Darkness and so Luke was created.

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