The Maestro Staff was a powerful voodoo staff wielded by the nefarious Finn Hamm. Unique in appearance and function, it was crafted by Hamm himself under the tutelage of Tia Dalma. It was rarely used in combat, serving more utilitarian purposes such as divination and the commencement of arcane rituals.



  • Attack: 40
  • Séance (Rank 3) - Summon 3 individual spirits from beyond to aid in battle. The Empowering Ghost boosts the attack power of the summoner, the Nullifying Ghost weakens enemy healing, and the Sapping Ghost drains enemy voodoo and gives it to the wielder. Each summoned ghost has moderate health and cannot deal direct damage.
  • Dark Channel (Rank 1) - Desolation no longer damages the wielder, but the wielder is stunned and weakened by Taunt and fire damage.
  • Spirit Lore + 5 (Speeds up voodoo casting rates)
  • Wither boost + 3
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