Malaysia is a regional power situated in Southeastern Asia.

It's a peninsula Colony of Persia and is surrounded by: Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei.

The Military force of Malaysia consist on: Infantry and Militia. It's a good country to play if wanna be a Puppet of course.

This country should focus on Infantry, Militia and AT's, AA's and Artillery more than nothing, after all Japan will take the rest with armored forces. Malaysia honestly can't have any Land around Asia, because of Thailand.

This country can be a good helper on the war being a puppet.

The bad thing, is the fact that in version 3.05, each Puppet Monarchy will give 90% or 95% of its resources to its overlord, so will be very difficult to have a strong country knowing this



Minister Ideology Status Location
Alireza Pahlavi Paternal Sovereign Head of State: Governor-General, Prince of Terror Kuala Lumpur
Puteri Intan Safinaz Paternal Sovereign Consort to Prince Alireza Pahlavi: Great Composer

Chief of Navy: Military Interpreter

Kuala Lumpur
Abdul Halim of Kedah Paternal Sovereign Puppet Monarch: Sultan of Kedah

Minister of Public Administration: Social Science Expert

Alor Setar
Mizan Zainal Abidin of Terengganu Paternal Sovereign Puppet Monarch: Sultan of Terengganu

State Administrative Officer: Prince of Terror

President of the Council for Islam: Ideological Crusader

Kuala Terengganu
Muhammad V of Kelantan Paternal Sovereign Puppet Monarch: Sultan of Kelantan

Diplomat: Diplomatic Expert

Kota Bharu
Abdullah of Pahang Paternal Sovereign Puppet Monarch: Sultan of Pahang

Head of Government: Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia, Stern Imperialist

Sharafuddin of Selangor Paternal Sovereign Puppet Monarch: Sultan of Selangor

Head of Kuala Lumpur Police Department: Iron Fisted Brute

Sirajuddin of Perlis Paternal Sovereign Puppet Monarch: Raja of Perlis

Minister of Defense: Military Specialist

Ibrahim Ismail of Johor Paternal Sovereign Puppet Monarch: Sultan of Johor

Chief of the Staff: School of Military Doctrine.

Johor Bahru
Nazrin Shah of Perak Paternal Sovereign Puppet Monarch: Sultan of Perak

Congressman :Political Development expert

Abdul Razak Hussein Social Conservative Minister of Defense: Military Informant Kuala Lumpur
Tunku Osman Social Conservative Chief of Army: Weapons Specialist Kuala Lumpur
Reza Mizani Paternal Autocrat Chief Of Navy: Base Control Doctrine

Chief Of Staff: School Of Mass Combat Armament Minister: Resource Industrialist Minister Of Intelligence: Naval Intelligence Specialist

Kuala Terengganu
Ahmad Khan Nakhjavan Paternal Autocrat Chief Of Air: Naval Aviation Doctrine

Armament Minister: Air To Sea Proponent

Alor Setar
Miria Muhsin Khan Paternal Autocrat Foreign Minister: Ideological Crusader Kota Bharu
Anushirvan Sepahbody Paternal Autocrat Armament Minister: Administrative Genius

Foreign Minister: Apologetic Clerk

Eraj Eskandari Social Liberal Minister Of Security: Prince Of Terror Kuantan
Ja’afar of Negeri Sembilan Paternal Sovereign Puppet Monarch: Yang di-Pertuan Besar of Negeri

Armament Minister: Old Marshall

Mohd Khalil Yaakob Paternal Sovereign Minister of Information: Data Expert Malacca City
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