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"We are the Militia. We will not fall. We will not fail." - Simon Treaurehawk

Marauder's Militia was created by Simon Treasurehawk on August 15, 2010

The Flag of Maurader's Militia

  • Members: 170+
  • Flagship: Riptide Wrath
  • Headquarters: None
  • Guildmaster: Simon Treasurehawk
  • 2nd In Command: Raymond
    The PVP Master.jpg

Want to Join?

  • Code: ALAV2225



  1. Skull's Bootcamp
  2. Gen. Of Peace
  3. Black Guard Co.
  4. Militia of Fuego


  1. Captain Leon
  2. Lord Pearson Histrov
  3. William Firehawk
  4. Bloodhound

Guild Management


Simon Treasurehawk
Co-Guildmaster Raymond
  • Simon & Ray are the backbone of the guild, supporting & directing the guild.

The Military

Director of Military Forces Christopher Seamorgan
Co - Director of Military Forces Robert Cannonbreaker
Co - Director of Milirary Forces Raymond's Minion

Badges & Medals

  • Purple Heart ~ Served in a lost battle
  • Medal of Honor ~ Served in a won battle
  • Sailor's Service Award ~ Retire/transfer out of Armada
  • Soldier's Service Award ~ Retire/transfer out of Army
  • Scouts Sevice Award ~ Retire/Transfer out of Scouts
  • Honorable Service Award ~ Fought in Numerous Battles
  • French-Marauders Badge ~ Fought in 1 of 2 battles against the French Brigade
  • Director's Service Award ~ Served in Marauder's Militia as a director or co-director.


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After a year of service to the caribbean, the Militia is being remade into a formiddable army. By November, Maurader's Militia will be given to Mydro. Raymond, Simon, Robert, and Chris will create the head of the Allied Militias.

A waiting list will start 9-1. When the guild is created, you will recieve an invite code.


Marauder's Militia is leaving the war business. No more wars/battles. We'll be focusing on leveling others, becoming famous throughout the Caribbean, and stuff like that. We might come into battle every once and a while, but our enemies have moved on or continue to believe he has an army, or keeps losing his name. They're weak and pointless to fight. We will continue to have our militia, no longer an army, protect us. I now name Christopher Seamorgan as Director of Military Forces and Robert Cannonbreaker as 4th in command and a Co-Director. Raymond's Minion is also a Co-Director.


The Marines leave the guild & create Bacon Squad. 4/10/11

The Marines are merging with the Militia temporaly (Spelling?). Guild is growing rapidly.

Marines who have joined:

  1. Fail
  2. Capt. Skull X
  3. John Stormpaine
  4. And probably some others


Today, is the is the "Saddest day in history". Thanks to the biggest humiliations to the world, Captain Leon & Pearson Wright, the Skulls Marines guild, was deleted. The militia have vowed to destroy Leon & his forces. The remants of Skulls Marines, are controlled by leon's noob pirate. Leon & Delta Empire are the ones to blame for this. Later, Sam apoligized to Simon and the Black Guard Co. joined in as well.

4/4/11 I'm redoing the page.


After the Order of Nautilus called in the Militia into battle, they discovered Simon's allies the Black Guard Co. attacked them. Militia is now enemies with the Black Guard.



Armada's Uniform


Army Uniform


During the El Gobierno Oficioso de Espana meeting, all Viceroyalty members left to a battle. Simon came to help and found Pearson Wright with several Co. Rangers. Everyone got aboard the Victory Voyager and left. At first they were losing so they got off the War Sloop and spread out into three ships. The Riptide Wrath, the Shadow Serpent, and the Wicked Executioner. They set sail again in a fleet formation and dominated! Eventually, the Wicked Executioner and Riptide Wrath formed back up on the Shadow Serpent and continued to dominate. Pearson's fleet eventually ported and invaded the Shadow Serpent telling Robert Mcroberts that Viceroyalty lost. Edward Treasurehawk and Treasurehawk earned a Purple Heart.


I'm completely redoing the page.


News is found that Pirate Armada has been destroyed during the reset.


One of the militia's first members has created a guild called the Pirate Armada which was quickly attacked by Leon and the Grand Co. The militia helped and the Riptide Wrath was the head ship. The final svs score was 57 - 480 (Note, the 57 was Leon, and all the other ships were 0, and the 480 is ONLY the Wrath's score. We dominated and Lieutenant General of the Armies Christopher Seamorgan recieved a Medal of Honor.


Simon & Chris made an alliance with a friend's guild to help them take down Cad Bane. The militia never helped in the war actually.


Simon has now created an alliance with Co. Black Guard to help Samuel rid the Caribbean of Leon after getting reports of Leon being spotted.


Successes Holded Canceled Failiures In Progress
5 0 9 1 0


  1. Operation Red Cross Bravo - In Progress
  2. Operation Ancient Enemy - In Progress
  3. Operation Delta Destroyer - In Progress
  4. Operation Anti-Co. - Canceled
  5. Operation Red Cross - Success
  6. Operation Righteous Assassin - Success
  7. Operation Detonation - Canceled
  8. Operation Reconstruction - Success
  9. Operation Domination - Canceled
  10. Operation Stalker Plan Bravo - Success
  11. Operation Stalker Plan Alpha - Failiure
  12. Operation Freefire - Success

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