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Marc Warfury is a Level 50 pirate in The Legend of Pirates Online. Marc is currently guildless. He is maxed in all stats apart from Sailing. He is also War Master land combat infamy and Admiral ship privateering infamy.

Skill Levels


December 10th, 2016 - Marc Warfury was created

June 14th, 2017 - Marc Warfury reaches Level 50

Past Guilds

  • Black Mercenary - Co. Guildmaster
  • Exuma's Very Own - Officer
  • Infernal Legends - Officer
  • The British Empire - Officer
  • H A Z E - Officer

Loot Finds

  • Lost Sword of El Patron
  • Silver Freeze
  • 38 Famed weapons
  • 9 Cursed Blades
  • 52 Brights

Weapon Inventory

Clothing Inventory