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In Mario Kart Online, during races, an announcer provides colourful commentary.

Race introductions

  • Mario Carnival - "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Mario Carnival! Racers will have to make sure the bright and colourful atmosphere doesn't distract them from the nail biting race!"
  • Yoshi's Island - "We're here live from Yoshi's Island! It's the home of the lovable dinosaurs where they all live in peace... but will the racers be able to make it past the attacks from the big, bouncy Burts? Only one way to find out!"
  • Waluigi's Nightmare - "It's time for a race in Waluigi's Nightmare! It's dark, it's frightening, and it's absolutely crazy, just like the man himself! Racers will have to be careful not to get caught in the terrifying traps included in the course!"
  • Illusion Mansion - "Here we are live from Illusion Mansion! This great house is filled with tricky traps and ghastly ghosts! Will our racers make it through the course's obstacles without being frightened? Only one way to find out!"



  • "Cover your eyes, everyone! A blooper is in play!"
  • "Yikes! Some of the racers are covered in blooper ink!"

Spiny Shell

  • "Uh oh! A spiny shell has been released!"
  • "Watch out, everybody! A spiny shell has been let loose!"
  • "Is that a spiny shell I see? Yes it is!"
  • "Is that a spiny shell I see? Nope. Ha! Fooled ya! Hahahaha! Aren't I funny?"
  • "Woah! That spiny shell caused a massive explosion!"
  • "Boy, I'm glad I wasn't caught in that spiny shell blast!"

During the race

  • "Hmmm... the race seems very quiet. Is somebody planning a surprise move?"
  • "Come on, guys, my grandmother's computer can go faster than you lot can!"
  • "The racers are so jampacked! It's impossible to tell who will win the race."
  • "Man, there's so much junk [items] on the road. The janitors are gonna have to be paid extra!"
  • "Guys, this is a racing competition, not a put-me-to-sleep competition!"
  • "Ummm... yoo-hoo, this is a racing competition, not a fall-off-the-stage competition!"
  • "Oh boy, the front of the pack are leaving the rest in the dust!"



  • "The main man Mario is up in first place!"
  • "Well, what do you know - Mario is in last place!"

Results Screen

  • "Let's see how many points everybody has."
  • "Oh boy! Everybody is so close in terms of points!"
  • "The last race is coming up! Give it your best, everyone!"



  • "The winner is Mario! What a race he pulled off today!"
  • "The iconic Super Mario crosses the line in first!"
  • "Woah! Mario is way in the lead!"
  • "What a twist! Mario is all the way in last!"
  • "You guys will need a miracle if you stand any chance of beating Mario!"
  • "What's this? No matter what, Mario cannot be caught!"


  • "Welcome to Online Mode!"


  • "Just hold on a minute! We're finding you players!"
  • "Hmmm... You connection seems to be busted."
  • "We've found some players for you!"
  • "Uh oh! Somebody has left the server! They will need to be replaced!"
  • "If you don't choose a course, we will choose one for you."
  • "Everybody has selected a track!"
  • "The course has been chosen! Good luck everybody!"