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Master Ex is a weapon making company. Its weapons are the most powerful type of weapons known to pirates. They are very unique; their skills

  • Lost Master, created by Captain Shadow SailGo to Lost Master
  • Dark Tint, created by Jack DaggermenaceGo to Dark Tint
  • Midnight Seeker, created by Jack DaggermenaceGo to Midnight Seeker
  • Sea, created by Captain Shadow SailGo to Sea
  • Slake, created by Captain Shadow SailGo to Slake
  • Golden Pistol, created by Captain Shadow SailGo to Golden Pistol
  • Ocean Silver Staff, created by Jack DaggermenaceGo to Ocean Silver Staff
  • Life Sword, created by Captain Shadow SailGo to Life Sword
  • Black Cross Sabre, created by Jack DaggermenaceGo to Black Cross Sabre
  • Infinitive, created by Captain Shadow SailGo to Infinitive
  • Silver Shadow Striker, Created by Captain ShadowGo to Silver Shadow Striker

only known to them, no others. They were crafted by the most skilled blacksmiths. Most have passed on by now. Some are still here, with us. Some do not exist as of now, and some were stolen. These weapons are so powerful, only two of each exist. These weapons have abilities that last forever as long as the user has the sword out, making them extremely powerful.

Master Ex also makes MANY weapons for blacksmiths and such, giving all the workers all the gold they could wish for. Blacksmiths pay for their fine work very generously.

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There are four main weapon makers who make Master Ex weapons.

Shadow is the owner of this group and owns one of each. He is called, "The Most Skilled". People say he is the most skilled weapon maker to exist.Captain Shadow Sail was always thought of as a vessel maker. Simply because, he is the owner and founder of Lightning Vessels, but he was also a skilled weapon maker. He has made some of the most unique weapons in the Master Ex group. He is very rich, so he could afford those rare and legendary materials used in many of the Master Ex weapons.

He comes up with many of the weapons abilities and style, in fact, he is the main contibuter in all of the weapons. He, like Shadow, is a very wealthy man and used only the finest materials.

Slint, Slint, Slint. Slint is a young man who was very very poor, but apparently, very skilled in.... daggers? He is responsible for making those daggers so powerful, making him a valuable addition to the team of Master Ex. After he started making these weapons, and many more, he bacame rich, not very rich, but just simple rich, but he says he is as happy as could be and does not want any more than he has. 

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