Vital statistics
Title Mcharshy
Gender Male
Race Cross-over between a monkey and human
Faction Undead
Health 14,567 hp (health points)
Level 42
Status Helping the undead
Location The Catacombs
A mcharshy is a certain creature found in the Caribbean. They were banished from his tribe of Ub Nax (Abur Nar Clan's worst enemy) and was sent into the wild. Their god was The Supreme Lord. They have learned the art of pwnz-ing, drawing, pelleting stone, survival, etc. Later they were stalked by Jolly Roger's armada but one Mcharshy survived. The ruler of the Mcharshies is known to be THE MCHARSHY. He joined the undead and helped them. Since then, they can now be found in invasions stalking pirates down like an eagle with a rat.

Their masters are:

Undead fight

The mcharshies battling of Jolly's armada before THE MCHARSHY joined the undead

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