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Mega's doll is very Unique Is has the Power to never mistime on any kind of enemy

Mega's Doll

Mega Found this doll right when there was a invasion on Tortuga but first he was training deep inside the Lost Soul Caves and happen to found it in a loot pouch. After he found this doll he use to to help his fellow friends and guild-mates and managed to help win the Invasion, it also helped in when Jolly Roger cursed the islands and brought him good luck for his little sibling Cortez

Special Abilities.

Always Attacks First.

Will Never Mistimed.

Will Prevent any skeletons, Navy guards, EITC soldiers, Davy Jones Henchmen, from attacking you.


Has the LONGEST Charging time.

It will never mistime but it will have a low attack on the enemy.