Midnight frost is a ship being built for Jack Daggermenace.


  • 85% pure gold armor
  • Size of a 2 light sloops
  • Fastest ship at sea
  • Captains quarters with bed, mini kitchen, and bathroom
  • Broadsides fire anything from fury to fire
  • 20 Broadsides
  • 6 deck cannons

Midnight Frost was ordered by Jack to be build for him as his own version of a light sloop. It has pure gold armor, costing 10,000,000 gold. It also has a huge amount of broadsides, 20. No one knows how they fit that in a vessel the size of 2 light sloops, but Jack was determined. It is being built by the best in the business, Lightning Vessels . The vessel was ordered to be made 2 years ago and will be finished in 20 years according to Lightning Vessel own and founder, Captain Shadow Sail.

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